Flexible snakes (4 photos)

In Brazil, in the Amazon region, scientists have made a curious discovery.
They have found a previously unknown to science-like creature resembling a snake and manhood.

The new species was named Atretochoana eiselti. Experts conditionally call it "flexible snake", while noting that in fact it was not a reptile, but Caecilians, whose closest relatives are the frogs and salamanders.
Total found six of these creatures. A "snake" lost two scientists left for the research, and the remaining three were released into the wild.
The new species are absent eyes. Furthermore, it does not light. Scientists believe that Atretochoana eiselti breathes through the skin. According to their conjectures, they eat "flexible snake" small fish and worms.
The discovery was made in November last year, but was informed about it only now that a unique find was finally confirmed.


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