In the liver of the polar bear too much vitamin A

If you eat the liver of the polar bear, you can die
In the liver of the polar bear too much vitamin A, so much so that the human body is to be an overdose.

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Farting helps reduce high blood pressure, and general health benefits.


The longest prison sentence in the history of mankind, is 384, 912 years
This period was 22-year-old postman, who was accused of fraud for his crime - he has not delivered 42 768 letters.


Every year, come to Jerusalem, about 1,000 letters addressed to God.


Casanova was a librarian.


In France, there are companies that you can hire to steal herself
This service costs US $ 1,600.


More than 80, 000 people graduate Hamburger McDonald's with a bachelor's degree in gamburgerologii.


111, 111, 111 x 111, 111, 111 = 12, 345, 678, 987, 654, 321


Part of the White House was built by slaves.


In 1967, the Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt went to the beach to swim, and since then has not been seen
Presumably he drowned, but her body was never found.


Spacesuit worth 12 million US dollars.


Every year in China eat almost four million cats
Cat meat is considered a delicacy in China. (Swine)


Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia.


The largest gold bar in the world weighs 250 kg.


One third of all applications for divorce in 2011 in the United States contains the word «Facebook».


More than 90 people have volunteered to die during the so-called operation «Crossroads». It was the first test of the atomic bomb that the United States conducted at Bikini Atoll in the summer of 1946. Among the "volunteers" were old men, suicidal person and one offender was sentenced to death. These voluntary victims were, of course, rejected.


In Japan, gambling is illegal, but the owners of gambling establishments use a loophole: instead of cash prizes are given prizes, which can then sell all the same institution and withdraw cash.


After the Crimean War of 1853-1856 Russia's financial system was in such poor condition that Alexander II, aware of the difficulties associated with the maintenance and protection of Alaska, in 1867, sold it to the United States.


1% of the most popular musicians get 77% of the proceeds of all recorded music in the world.


In 1959, at the Antarctic station "Vostok" Soviet scientist hacked to death his friend, he lost a game of chess. After this incident, the Soviet authorities banned chess in all its research bases in Antarctica.


All flatworms born males. When it comes time to mate two individuals come to "fight", wielding his forked penis. Anyone who fails to apply the first "hit" their "dignity" remains male. The loser becomes female.


Injury of one of regions of the brain leads to an inability to perceive motion. For sufferers of moving objects such as people or cars "flares" appear out of nowhere and disappear just as suddenly.


In 2003 owned by American Airlines Boeing 727 disappeared while flying over Angola. The FBI and CIA were looking for him all over the world, but found no trace of the aircraft did not succeed.


In American religious sect called "shakers" there was a strict ban on sexual intercourse - even between spouses. Quite expectedly sect declined and all of its followers have died.

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