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Have you ever heard of Mariana Naumova? No? Then I will try to tell you about it.

Mariana only 14 years old, but she had already hit most of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the competition "Arnold Classic».

The girl set a new record in the bench press bar laying without equipment - 120 pounds! Just think - 14 years, girl, 120 kg.

In his young age Mariana already boasts acquaintances with many celebrities.

Legend Bodybuilding Ronnie Coleman.

Denis chicken and Vladimir Kravtsov.

With some unknown bearded me :)

P.S. This photo I liked the most. Very emotional. Here she is only 11 years old.

Young Mariana Naumova set a personal record in the bench press bar without equipment.

Recently in the US state of Ohio Columbus ended multifestival power sports under the name "Arnold Classic". As part of the competition, the Russian 14-year-old world champion in the bench press bar laying Maryana Naumova has updated its own record and has become one of the best athletes the world in its category, "Interfax" reports, citing a source in the Russian Powerlifting Federation.

Russian has improved its record in the bench press bar without equipment, which now stands at 120 kg.

"Teeny champion with a record congratulated himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In addition to the plaque of the tournament, Maria was invited to the casting of one of Hollywood film companies, "- the report says.

Recall the famous bodybuilder, actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is also the organizer of the festival "Arnold Classic". On his tournament represented more than 40 sports, including bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongmen, weightlifting and martial arts.

Maryana Naumova was born April 22, 1999 in Moscow. It is an absolute world record holder 2010 - 2013 period. In its arsenal of more than 15 world records in the bench press barbell lying among teenage girls on a number of versions of Powerlifting Federation.


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