Anthology of nightmares, Nicolas Bruno

When 15-year-old Bruno was first faced with paralysis in a dream, he saw a nightmare. The body was motionless, but the brain could not wake up. Nightmares repeated with enviable regularity. As a result, the boy began to write down the dream and then created a series of images.



In a boiling water bath

In a locked building

As I throw a burning chair


Victim arrow

Now Nicolas '21 (he was born in 1993), the guy studying in SUNY Purchase in New York, a photographer, and his first idea presentation night of horror in the photos realized at 18. Rather cleverly, the way how to recognize experienced photographers.

Lost in the fog

Smothered in a suitcase

Locked in a helmet forever


Claustrophobia hell

It's scary - to see a nightmare and not be able to even lift a hand. Thank God it's all over, but I understand how important it is for many to realize that they are not alone. I tried to capture in photos all the nightmares that I've ever dreamed of. I hope that those who will see it, will no longer fears, they will receive support through my work.

I can not swim

Night Monster



Buried in the well

Death by decapitation

I am inspired not only my fear and my nightmare. It carries a mystical inning of work by Caravaggio, Caspar David Friedrich. These artists are just captivated me, and I draw many ideas during the design work on their paintings.

Death from glare

Death from a bullet

Death by radiation

Burned alive


My project is not over: I had a prolific nightlife, enemy does not want! - Nicolas smiles.


Asphyxiation by gas

Black man-killer

Even Nicolas own portrait created in the genre of his mystical and frightening series.



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