John McCain - a candidate for the title of Hero of Russia?

If the main russophobe America dozing Twitter hints that the Arab Spring is knocking at the door of Russia, Republican Senator John McCain was not, it would have come up with ...

From the combination of the merits of Senator McCain for a long time could not be promoted to the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union (25 US aircraft destroyed - not everyone can boast, right?), And based on his adventures, you can shoot a sequel filma.Goryachie head. Especially that McCain himself as a young man - handsome, compared with which Tom Cruise blockbuster "Top Gun" a greenhorn. Yes, from a family: grandfather - Admiral, Dad - Admiral ...
The son of an admiral and did not, although I wanted to. True, he is guilty. In the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis cadet McCain for his daring temper earned 100 reprimands annually. It could be more, but the boss was tired just writing them. That did not stop John in 1958 graduated from the Academy with six results of the course. But, alas, the end of the sixth: in the 894 th place out of 899 graduates. In the same during his studies, he discovered an impressive list of completely or partially broken their aircraft ...
McCain catastrophically unlucky. That is lucky to disaster. But one he always managed to get out alive. Judge for yourself. Admiral's son without problems joined the slender ranks of the elite pilots of the US Navy, and immediately began to occur to him "miracles" in the style of the comedy movie "Hot Shots».

To begin McCain drowned his plane off the coast of Texas, but he escaped, ready for new feats. Loss of expensive equipment was hushed up because of the pope and his friends admirals. And the hero himself away from sin was transferred to serve in Europe, the Mediterranean wing of the US Air Force. But even there he continued his exploits: accidentally flew into the restricted area of ​​British Gibraltar, where he was taking the unidentified stranger, almost shot down.

Later, during one of the flights in Spain, he hooked a wing fighter transmission, ditching another military vehicle. Usually in such a situation, the traveler does not have time to not only pull the handle catapult, and even say, "Mom!" McCain is all - water off a duck.
But the unthinkable happened scrape with McCain during the Vietnam War. July 29, 1967 around 11 am, right after lunch for the officers in the Gulf of Tonkin burned an American aircraft carrier "Forrestal." Needless to say, dear reader, that McCain was on it? And not just on the ship, and in the midst of the fire. Moreover, evil tongues say that it was he accidentally slammed combat missile from his plane, standing on the deck, which caused the fire (and Dad Admiral otmazatsya him again). Officially, the reason, however, was declared a "surge in on-board network," but who knows, who knows ... Most witnesses the fire, and that 134 crew members, it also and killed, destroyed 21 military aircraft, and the aircraft carrier was in the year withdrawn out of action! At the same time McCain himself, who was at the helm, escaped with only minor burns. Well, purely lucky!

Soviet missiles S-75 finally put an end to the list of "achievements" of McCain, and saved the US Air Force from total self-destruction. In October 1967, he was shot down during one of the raids on Hanoi. John and then relatively lucky: several thousands of submunitions not rocket John caught a souvenir none! However, at ejection severely injured arm and a leg, but in the end successfully splashed down in a city lake. The Vietnamese usually sacrificed these "dear guests" hoes, making it clear that it is not too happy with the fact that they bombed, burned by napalm, and poured from the sky every poison. But McCain is not only otmotyzhili and pulled out of the pond, put in the hospital and almost cured (because cured John definitively impossible, there are no doctors in the world). Later, however, five years in jail upekli, but it could be worse. McCain argued that it was regularly beaten, humiliated, extorting, and forcing military secrets to sign a "statement of repentance." However, Chan Chong blows, head of the Vietnam Hoa Lo prison, says the admiral's son (and his dad at the time was the commander of the 7th Fleet US) was not tortured - he was considered a VIP-prisoners. After John's in 1973 released blows continued to follow his career, and questions about how to McCain treated in "Hanoi Hilton" (as the Americans have nicknamed the prison Hoa Lo), always answered: 'It is slightly embellishes its past / " .



After returning to the United States McCain doctors and physical therapists told he could no longer fly. Johnny did not believe them, rightly assuming the diagnosis of the machinations of enemies who want to close it, "the way to heaven." I do not believe, and picked up the plane in the air. The plane crashed, and McCain ... safely ejected - this time without injury. Experience is experience.
What else can you expect from a man who was born at an air base US Air Force "Coco Solo" in Panama, openly cohabited with the stars of striptease, often used military aircraft to fly on a visit to the Pope Admiral and served in the Air Force Base, the name of his grandfather Admiral? Well, how to put this - he pas mints-nick ... Instead, McCain was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his achievements. It's a local American humor, outsiders can not understand.



Alas, to see him as president of the United States we could not. John miserably lost the election 2008 Barack Obama. But it became ... Disney cartoon hero "DuckTales" and "Darkwing Duck" in the late 1980s. You do not believe? And the name of where it came from? Zigzag Makkryak (original: Launchpad McQuack), who beat all the aircraft in a row and forgave him all over the accident flight.





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