How to live a real Cambodian hinterland

How backwoods lives of the poorest country in South-East Asia. The real life of Cambodian peasants. What can you see if off the beaten tourist trail ...

Cambodia - the poorest country in the region. In 1953 it gained its independence, as up to that point the French colony. From that moment and started all the problems ... the totalitarian regime of the Khmer Rouge, the demographic and economic crisis, military conflicts with Vietnam and Thailand ... Only the first two-thousand years in the country was calm and she opened the door to tourists. Traveling on Cambodia is incredibly simple, cheap and very authentic. It is a small tourist experience and a desire not to repeat the experience of Thailand in all the negative aspects of tourism expansion makes Cambodia perhaps the most interesting country in the region.

With a total asset value of one global site Angkor Wat, the entire tourism infrastructure is concentrated around him leaving the rest of the territory untouched and unexplored by tourists. We had planned our route from the capital to Siem Reap in the rental car with the obligatory visit to something interesting along the way ...

Actually what is happening outside the car - it's a real Asian vibrant life ...

On a small market on the way women are selling fresh-roasted a two-inch spiders and locusts

In fact, the population is absolutely mobile. To obtain a passport for travel abroad have to pay 250 dollars, which is absolutely incredible sum for the vast majority of residents. In a country rife with corruption on the streets of Phnom Penh can be found black Lexus and thousands of mopeds and bicycles, the gulf between a handful of upper caste and the rest is incredible.

Cambodian People's Party at every intersection assures people in the incessant movement forward and upward:

And finally, we stopped at the simplest Cambodian village. This Klondike for the photographer! Each image - a blueprint of the National Geographic and others like him. The people are incredibly open and positive. The house is a structure made of wood and plywood on stilts, located at the bottom of the barn and chicken coop. The village is not electrified, residents periodically carry to recharge the batteries in the next more or less a large town.

In the backyard of a small lake-pool:

And ducks with pigs:

Pay attention to the person ... All smiles, absolutely sincerely and openly!

And inside the house:

Sex is not solid, the bottom go duck and other animals on the street ... +35 ... smell you can imagine ...

Dad and son:

And some BW:

Surprisingly, in Cambodia, there is practically no cats ...

Here's a friendly family:

People, people, children, stories, scenes ... they are everywhere ... is not possible to stay ...

I usually try to write down the address and send the printed pictures back home, but here I'm here no one could write e Latin :(

In the same village we found a terrific convent, not a tourist, and absolutely charming. With roam the territory of large boars ...



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