The most expensive delicacies in the world (12 photos)

Look how many there are of these delicacies is crazy, but people are still willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for something to enjoy these exclusive products.

Half a kilo of coffee Kopi Luwak, which is before zasushivaniem passes through the digestive tract of animals Asian Palm Civet, coming in the form of feces, is worth about $ 230.

Cheese from moose milk can cost up to $ 1,000 per kilogram, and can be found only in private elk farm in Sweden.

Marble Kobe beef, which is produced in the prefecture Kobe in Japan can cost from 770 to 1,000 dollars per kilogram. The world's best beef made from cows who receive daily massage and fed the best grass and beer. This provides a particular fondness marble meat, which certainly could hit your wallet.

One kilogram of potatoes Ā«La BonnotteĀ» can cost up to 630 dollars per kilogram. This potato is cultivated only on the island of Noirmoutier in the western part of France. Its high cost is due to the fact that each year grow only a small amount of the potato, which has a unique and complex taste that combines the taste of sea salt, lemon and nuts.

Bluefin tuna can cost 1365 dollars per pound. So 269-year-pound tuna was sold at auction in Japan for 736,000 dollars.


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