The most expensive cats in the world

The most expensive cat is an exotic breed, representatives of which cat lovers are willing to pay large sums of money. The high price makes these cats less popular and in demand, and even has a positive effect on their image. It is more expensive than purring, the more prestigious to have it in the house.

Gracious Savannah – miniature leopard.In the ranking of the most expensive cats in the world the first place is the Savannah breed, which originated by crossing the wild African Serval and a domestic cat (most often – of the Bengal breed). Savannah is very large, the color and grace they resemble leopards. In addition, this breed is considered to be one of the smartest. Kitty, one of whose parents is a Serval will cost about $22 000. The representatives of the next generations will be cheaper – $1 000-7 000.

Bengal cat is a natural hunter. Bengal cat also has wild roots. It was developed by crossing Asian leopard cats and domestic breeds. Domestic Bengal cats highly developed hunting instinct, but, despite this, they get along perfectly with other Pets. Cats are still very active until old age. On average, cats of this rare breed are about $3 000-5 000.Giant Maine Coon. The Maine Coon is recognized as the largest breed of cats in the world. These giants weigh on average about 15 kg. the Breed came naturally in northeast America. Maine Coon cats are friendly and playful with the owners, but to strangers are treated with suspicion. Cost affectionate Maine Coon can from $1 500 to $2 500.

Home tiger. Representatives of the toyger looks very similar to miniature tigers. This provided them with an honorable fourth place in the ranking of most expensive cats in the world. The breed was registered in 2007, but quickly gained popularity among fans of unusual cats. Today, breeders continue to work on the breed to make domestic cats more like tigers. Toygers are not only beautiful – they are very smart and endlessly loyal to his master. The average price toyger — $2000, but may vary.

Sphynx — hairless aristocrats.Sphynx have long ceased to be exotic, but still worth money. The cost of a kitten, deprived of wool, ranging from affordable $300 — up to a solid $3000. The sphinxes are the real aristocrats of the cat world. They are known for their hot temper and unusual habits. For example, many Sphynxes love to swim. In addition, these cats are very attached to their owner.

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