Two dozen children in the small car

An elementary school teacher, has managed to cram into their runabout two dozen students.
By the way, this whole thing happened in South Africa.

An elementary school teacher of a school in South Africa, was fined $ 160 for irresponsible behavior towards his disciples.
The incident occurred in the province of Gauteng. Casual passer-photographer managed to capture the moment when a woman is already stuffed children in their small-sized car Renault Clio and was going to sit behind the wheel.

Suspicious behavior attracted the attention of the police, which the lady explained that the removal of his players on a school trip.
Minnie also clarified that it has managed to bring back to school "party" of 12 children.
 - I watched the whole process: first, the guys were gay, thought it was some kind of game. But very soon they are noticeably darkened, some even began to cry - shared eyewitness events.


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