Dear askorbinka

Left three friends with their favorite women to the country, among the working week. And podzavisli there for a few days. At some point in time it seems to hang out there tired of the limited staff and they called two friends, they say come and support us, and a bathhouse and kebabs are guaranteed ... Those gathered were collected. And when there were practically on the road, comes a call seeking deliver rubber products number two because zavisalovo delayed and probably still will continue, and around such goods in the afternoon with fire will not find. Why not help a friend? I stop at the pharmacy. And one of the guys amazingly portrays downs. And not just a down, and above all else, and cerebral palsy. If you do not know that it is normal, then the illusion is complete. So they go into the pharmacy, and then turn a decent one in the tail of the queue becomes. He turns to his friend and sees that it works program downs. Walking and looked at his face debilovatom considering windows, let the saliva in the corner of his mouth ... Then another suitable sleeve pulls "askorbinku buy me, you hear ..." He replied that much money, only for the case, saying he would wait with askorbinku. The people in the queue strains see that healthy redneck petty cripple a disability clinging kopek gift to buy. ) A "disabled", of course Stalking. We have to promise him that he would be taken into the car and leave it alone. Buddy shows panic and calms, continuing to wander and consider windows, silly grin. Fits all, "healthy" decides that a couple of days comrades ought to make a stock, and utters the saleswoman "Six packs of Durex┬╗. At that screams down the entire pharmacy "Six !? I can not bear so much! ". Feeling more than eloquent views across the line for yourself and realizing that it is necessary to say something, "healthy" responsible "Want askorbinki have to endure!". Miraculously, no broken on the ground. On the street at a friend became hysterical ...


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