Interesting facts about our bodies

Did you know that the human foot can be cooled to
temperature of 16 degrees, while much harm to the course it does not.

At the base of the bulbs of each hair on the body has a muscle lifting the hair.
Under certain emotional states such as anger or fear,
and in the cold, this muscle raises the hair, hence the phrase:
"Hair stood on end" and this also explains the effect of "goose skin».
If you and I were fluffier than we are right now at the moment of emotional turmoil became
I would look like well, like cats or it =))

On the skin of the elbows virtually no pain receptors.
Therefore, if you pull the arm forward and pinches himself elbow, you almost do not feel pain,
as soon as the pressure and touch.

"Smoking a cigarette man sits down liver, drinking alcoholic light».
This is not a paradoxical statement, but the fact of physiology.
The fact that nicotine and tar are extremely harmful to the gastric mucosa, and after each cigarette smoked
getting together with saliva into the stomach, it irritates, provoking the development of gastritis and ulcers.
One of the functions of light is filtering and excretory.
The body tries to get rid of alcohol and its breakdown products of all known methods,
including through the alveoli, thereby gradually destroys them.
The smell of fume, by the way, for this reason comes from the lungs, not the stomach as most people think.

During the day, the body produces about 100 liters of primary urine,
from which by reabsorption in the end is 1.5 -2 liters.


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