& Quot; Noah & quot; banned in the Middle East

Censorship bodies in Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates reported studio Paramount, that they intend to prohibit the showing of the movie "Noah", which will start in theaters in late March.

and out of the studio report that the same fate awaits "Noah" and elsewhere in the Middle East - Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait.

Story of Noah's ark is important both in Christian and Islamic tradition in

In Egypt, the Muslim-Sunni Al-Azhar Institute issued a statement in which he condemned the film directed by Darren Aronofsky, insisting on banning "Noah" in the country.

"Al-Azhar declares its categorical position to any films in which the characters were prophets and messengers of Allah, and the companions of the Prophet [Muhammad], - said in a statement. - Thus, Al-Azhar University announces a ban on future film O Messenger of Allah Noah - peace be upon him. ┬╗
The Egyptians believed that all such films as "contrary to the faith and the basics of Sharia [law]" and hurt "feelings of believers┬╗.

Inappropriate in terms of the image of Muslims relations Shem (Douglas Booth), the son of Noah, and the girls of Elah (Emma Watson), adopted daughter in November

Premiere of "Noah" in Egypt was to be held on March 26, two days before the premiere in the United States, where the film is not too big trouble from the criticism of some church leaders.

Darren Aronofsky (right), director of famous paintings "Requiem for a Dream," "Black Swan" and "Life of Pi", this one will have to deal with religious stereotypes

American believers are unhappy with the way the film depicts the character of the patriarch Noah, played by Russell Crowe.

As a gesture of good will toward religious groups, last week the studio Paramount has announced changes in the marketing materials for the film.

New advertising should make it clear that this free interpretation, not a literal film version of the story of Noah's ark.


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