In December 2005, 200 riot police evicted people from 21 homes

For 30 years prior to the occurrence of eviction and demolition treacherous, here in the south of London in 24 homes settled people of different subcultures and ethnic groups. Thus, they form a small community that lived by their own laws, not paying attention to the government. Over the years, this multicultural community has become home to thousands of people. This commune is considered one of the features in England largely because of the people living in it. Many have become once outcasts of society, were able to join in this diverse "group" and find themselves in the community. This street is known as a Rastafarian enclave, here is the International Rastafarian center. In the 70s, Bob Marley spent much of his time in this community, and played football on her street.

In December 2005, 200 riot police evicted people from 21 homes in the night on the street were 150 people. Home communities and their administrative center stood then another 2 years. In this publication, the story of those who lived on this street.

Timna and her 3 brothers were born and raised on the street. She is now 20 years old and she expects out of his home, despite the many lawsuits. She is studying at the University «Guildhall».

"There was never hot water. There is only electricity and cold water, says Timna. When my father moved into this house, there was complete devastation. There was not even on the floor boards, anything. Father did repair their own hands. In order to take a shower, it was necessary to bring a pot of water to boil water on the stove, and only if it was possible to wash. Large tin tub was in the kitchen. We continued to boil the water and fill the tub with her, and only then washed. This could take a whole day. But we did it every day or every other day. In fact, it was not so easy. Get used to it. When I was little - it's just been the norm. We were never friends came, not that they did not want to come, we just did not invite them. »

Jane (23goda). Starting from 3 years grew on the street.

Workaround: night risky adventure on illegal collection of discarded furniture, food, clothing and other essentials.

Lindy: a year ago, came from South Africa, after the sudden death of his father survived, abuse and violence. The community became for her a kind place to relax.

Away from the bustle.

Craigie: got into the community when he was only 16 years old. Veteran activist. A few years ago was almost killed, torn from a tree with a height of 54 feet during a protest in Kingston.

Jim: 27 years ago I was just walking down the street to meet someone at the door asked: "I'm looking for a place where I could live. Can I stay here? "And the man replied," I think so. " Since I live here. I myself am a native of Scotland, worked in forestry. Tired of this work, I went to university and studied languages: English and French.

In 2003, when I first started to supply documents residents of the street, the thought of eviction did not leave the people. Roofs of houses have become part of the evacuation plan.

Steve: French musician, a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Alan: "In three years, I have experienced humiliation from his father. No, he did not throw me on the street, he was too smart - otherwise he would have problems with social workers. He just kept saying "you are worthless, useless, I wish you'd never see the light." In the 8 years I had symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, from which I suffer still.

Jules: I grew up and went to school in Kingston. I went there not so often ... constantly missed classes. As long as the school is not closed. We were incredibly pleased with this. I was not kicked out of school ... it just closed ...

I was in so much anger. You just can not imagine how much. But now I feel better ... because the first time I had a fight this week. One man hit me on the head 6 times. We were friends, and by and large it was my fault that there was a fight. I laughed at him, and he hit me in the nose. I jumped back and all those who are close by, grabbed me. I am glad that they stopped me, or could happen trouble. This is the face. Sometimes it seems like you are walking on the razor's edge.

Residents №44: Dante and Newton from Brazil, Olga of Russia and Viktor from Portugal.

Recently decorated staircase in the house №18.

Inga's mother was an actress and singer in the USSR, but her family abandoned her and she was forced to leave Georgia, along with the 2-year-old daughter. They moved to France, where his mother Inga contained three daughters actually in custody.

Corridor in a house inhabited by Brazilians.

Early morning.

Victor: He is 50 years old. He is originally from Israel but grew up in Portugal. He fought in Mozambique. He studied at the course architects. Lived in South Africa. For the past 4 years in England. First worked on duty in the hospital, and now engaged in supplying products.

Victor: "I cook here, as at the bottom where there is a stove, gas may leak. Here I feel safe, but at night I always lock the door of the castle. Who knows what might happen ».

Victor room.

Morning toilet

Kitchen Craigie

Moving on.

I would just could not live without my dogs.

The door may be better to keep my anger than any protection

Temple of the gifts of nature. Every bone and stone have their own importance. They're everywhere with me. I easily change the space / room. There are so many things that people own, but absolutely do not need it. I do not have it, from what I depended.

Bruno from Portugal: "I had a hard time in life. I have 2 years on the street, and a year before that had bomzhevat. In 17 years, I left the house since he lived, where necessary. I do not want to meet with his family. Now my family became my friends. I have a brother and sister, maybe someday I'll change my mind, but now I do not want to see them. Maybe one day I want to look at them from the side, when they go to the doctor or to school. All of this because I have a problem with the family ».



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