Multimillionaires Congress

To live well in the United States.

1. Barack Obama.

Assets of the US President's estimated 7.7 million up. Dollars. Thus, Obama can not be considered the richest man in the United States.

2. Darrell Issa.

His condition is $ 251,025,020. At the peak of his business career, he was the director of Direkted Electronics in California, the company he founded and built in the mid-90s. This company has become the largest manufacturer of anti-theft devices, including the creation of the most successful system «Viper». (UPI Photo / Shauneil Scott)

3. Jane Harman.

$ 244,796,667 state. Prior to his work in Congress, Jane was chief adviser to the Senate, a deputy Cabinet with Jimmy Carter, special adviser to the Ministry of Defense and was engaged in private law practice. Sidney Harman married for nearly 30 years. (UPI Photo / Chip Somodevilla / Pool)

4. Herb Coll.

$ 214,570,011 state. According to its website, before Coll was elected to the Senate, he helped his family to start their own business under the name grocery stores Colla. He was president of the company from 1970 until the sale of the corporation in 1979. (Chris Corder / UPI)

5. Mark Warner.

The $ 209,700,598. Warner was one of the first leaders of the production of mobile phones, creating a company that eventually became known as Nextel and that its assets invested in hundreds of companies, beginners, create thousands of jobs. (UPI Photo / Alexis C. Glenn)

6. John Kerry.

The $ 208,801,275. After graduating from Boston College of Law in 1976, John Kerry began working as chief prosecutor in Middlesex County in Massachusetts. He was elected assistant governor in 1982. Two years later he was elected to the US Senate. Since then, he was re-elected three times. This is already his 4th term in office. (UPI Photo / David Brody)

7. Jared Polis.

The $ 158,173,566. He founded several Internet companies, such as and bluemountain. In 2000, he received the title of the youngest entrepreneur of the year in the same period he was elected to the Office of Education of the State of Colorado, where he worked as a chairman and vice-chairman for a 6-year tenure in office. He founded two innovative charter schools and was a director of New America School. (UPI / Gary C. Caskey)

8. Jay Rockefeller.

The $ 94,306,010. In 1964 he came to town Emmons, West Virginia as a volunteer VISTA. In 1966, he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies, West Virginia, and in 1968 for the post of Secretary of State of West Virginia. He was director of Wesleyan College in West Virginia from 1973 to 1976. In 1976, he was elected governor of West Virginia, and in 1980 was re-elected for another term. In 1984 he was elected to the US Senate and reelected in 1990, 1996, 2002. Jay - the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller (UPI Photo / Brian Kersey)

9. Frank Lounberg September.

The $ 74,744,094. After graduating from high school Lounterberg, served in the Army Signal Corps in Europe. After military service he attended Columbia University and became a certified specialist in the field of economics. Along with two of his friends created the first company engaged in the provision of services in the field of payment systems, automation data processing. Lounberg was the chief executive of the company, and together with his friends was able to turn ADP into one of the world's largest computer service companies. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

10. Dianne Feinstein.

The $ 72,380,637. Senator Feinstein became the first woman president of the board of trustees in San Francisco, the first woman elected Senator of California, and the first female members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Most recently, she became the first female senator and has accepted responsibility for the leadership of the Special Senate Committee on Intelligence. (UPI Photo / Kevin Dietsch)

11. Michael McCauley.

The $ 69,619,248. Before his election to Congress, he worked as the head of service to combat terrorism and national security in Texas and led the team to combat terrorism. His job was to detect, stop and prevent terrorist activities. Congressman McCauley was a representative of the public prosecutor in Texas under the current Senator John Kornane federal prosecutor and the Ministry of Justice (section Public immunity). Washington, DC. (UPI Photo / Patrick D. McDermott)

12. Alan Grayson.

The $ 54,451,020. Alan wanted to become an assistant to a judge after graduating from Harvard. Later accepted an invitation to cooperate with a law firm. In the early '90s, Alan left the practice of law and opened my own business, becoming president of the company IDT Corp., a telephone and Internet services. He started his business on the ground floor of the funeral home. Now, the annual profit of $ 2 billion a year, the company is listed in the Fortune magazine list of 1000 and trades on the New York Stock Exchange. (UPI Photo / Roger L. Wollenberg)

13. James Risch.

The $ 53,325,524. Before joining the Congress Senators Rush read jurisprudence at the Faculty Advisory Board of the University Ayhado and taught criminal law at Boise State University. He had his own small business, he was a rancher / farmer and the main partner in the law firm of Risch Goss Insinger Gustavel during the elections to the Senate. (UPI Photo / Kevin Dietsch)


14. Bob Corker.

The $ 52,345,517. Bob Corker graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1974 with a degree in industrial management, and, having worked for 4 years a leader in the field of construction, decided to create his own design office, with only 8000 dollars. Business took off, and the company had offices in 18 states. Over time, Bob became interested in the purchase and construction of commercial real estate. (UPI Photo / Roger L. Wollenberg)

15. Carolyn Maloney.

The $ 36,751,045. Maloney has worked for several years as a teacher and administrator in the Ministry of Education of New York. In 1977, she went to the Legislative Assembly of New York and held leading positions in the state Assembly and Senate staff. In 1982 came the first time in a public institution and was elected to the consulate in New York. (UPI / Roger L. Wollenberg)

16. Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House.

The $ 31,378,542. Nancy Pelosi represented 8 District of California in the House of Representatives since 1987. In 2002 she was elected colleagues democratic leader of the House of Representatives. Before his election to her responsibilities included drafting legislative strategy Party in the House. January 4, 2007, Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)


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