The symbolism of numbers

Its very form of numbers tell us about the evolution of consciousness. The curved lines symbolize love. Horizontal lines - attachment. Intersections - test. Let us examine it more closely.



0: emptiness. The original untouched egg.
1: stage minerals. One line. Immobility. The appearance of matter. No twists love. No horizontal lines of attachment. No intersections tests. There is no consciousness of the mineral. Mineral simply there.
2: Step plants. The lower part of the figure is a horizontal line, the plant is tied to the ground. The plant can not move, it is the servant of the earth, but its upper part has a bend. The plant loves the sky and the light, the flower gives them the beauty of their upper part.
3: stage of the animal world. Horizontal lines anymore. The animal off the ground. It can move around. In figure two curves. Animal love the sky and the earth, but is not tied to any one nor the other. The animal - a slave to his senses. Two bending - a two mouths, one - for kissing, the other - for the bites. The animal - predator and prey. It is constantly experiencing fear. The fear of going hungry, fear of being unloved. Therefore, it is always in motion.
4: stage human. It represents a cross. He stands at the intersection of roads. The first figure crossed line. If it succeeds in turning, it will move to the upper world. From her very independent, she will remain at the stage of the animal (and will live in fear and envy), you will fall asleep at the crossroads (provide your children to solve the problem instead of himself) or to grow into higher consciousness. This problem is solved by mankind today.
5: the spiritual man. The figure on closer inspection looks like an inverted two. Digit top line is connected with the sky. The curve at the bottom is the love for the land and its inhabitants. Freed from the ground, which means that from the material cares, she comes to understand what is going on underneath, she loves all mankind and life in general. This enlightened man, being aware of the need of the mind.
6: continuing curve without angles, without straight lines. All-consuming love. Spiral, its swirls, circles his spirituality tends to infinity. The number is free from attachment to the sky and the earth, and of all the low and high limits. This is pure non-material mind. This angel. This is a free vibrating channel. The figure is also the form of the embryo in the womb. Every time portraying this figure, we assume her wisdom to the world.


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