Volgograd 1980s (55 photos)

Soviet beautiful photo album dedicated to the hero-city of Volgograd.

2. Modern Volgograd stretches along the Volga River 80 kilometers. On behalf of the embankment of the 62nd Army.

3. The central part of the city.

4. Lenin Avenue.

5. Lenin Square.

6. Square on the main avenue.

7. Children in one of the squares of the city.

8. School. September 1

9. Autumn Square.

10. View of the city.

11. Monument to heroes-Young Communists.

12. Zinaida Andreevna with children at home Pavlova.

13. Railway Station Square and highway overpass connecting Central and Dzerzhinsky district.

14. The renovated building department. At the entrance to the memorial plaque inscription: "January 31, 1943 the 38th Motorized Rifle Brigade Colonel Burmakova in the basement of this house was captivated with his staff Field Marshal Paulus, commander of the German troops at Stalingrad group ...»

15. Sovetskaya street

16. House of Unions.

17. In the river port.

18. waterbus station.

19. View of the Trans-Volga.

20. Volga hydroelectric behalf XXII Congress of the CPSU.

21. The turbine room of the Volga hydroelectric power station.

22. In one of the gateway channel.

23. A new residential area the tractor "Spartanovka».

24. In the ruins of the old mill. There were fierce battles in 1942-1943.

25. The new building panorama "The Battle of Stalingrad».

26. Fragment of the panorama.

27. View of the Volga through the city center.

28. Square on the main avenue.

29. The main entrance to the Volgograd Tractor Plant Dzerzhinsky.

30. Farm tractors.

31. Workshop tractor.

32. Hero of Socialist Labor smith Tractor Plant Mikhail Arkatov.

33. Steel Works "Red October". Melting.

34. The casting of steel.

35. Creativity. Volgograd sculptor A. Krivolapov.

36. Artist F. Sukhanov.

37. amateur group Tractor Plant.

38. Scene from Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky.

39. The area of ​​the fallen fighters.

40. The new building of the Palace of Pioneers.

41. Volgograd poet Margarita Agashin.

42. amateur museum of musical instruments.

43. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

44. Museum of Fine Arts.

45. In Volgograd, many sports facilities. The stadium.

46. ​​Water Polo.

47. The spill on the Volga.

48. On a fishing rod on the river bank.

49. In the yacht club.

50. Yacht Club.

51. On behalf of the embankment of the 62nd Army is always a lot of people.

52. Hero of the Soviet Union, JF Pavlov. He often around the house named after him.

53. At the Heroes' Square. Mamaev Kurgan.

54. The area of ​​"Mourning mother».

55. "Soldier Field»


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