Who are over 30 years.

What are you going as a child and still collect? I miraculously survived such inserts from the Turkish "Turbo", which for over 20 years! Collection I have not particularly necessary, but to throw out or give someone a pity - the memory still. It all started about the same as that of my peers, who are already over 30 years old.

As a child I, like many of my peers are "sick" collecting. Collected from a pack of cigarettes, beer cans, coins, photographs with Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Stallone and other heroes and fighters gathered in parallel are many other garbage. But it all began more than 20 years ago with inserts gum "Donald Duck" and "Turbo". Cud then were very expensive at the time, cost a ruble, so collecting took place with a scratch: not every mom was ready to part with the equivalent of a kilogram of sugar or five loaves of bread. Because the purchase of personal savings came from deferred assets.

However, when in the hands gets one or another instance of gum extracted from the package, it was one of the happiest moments in a child collecting a career that does not offset the exorbitant costs of all Soviet shells collected by numbers, if the same were exchanged for those who were absent or the rate of 2 to one or both out. Some students play them in school, erasing collectible inserts to the state of imperial rubles, thus replenishing your collection or completely losing it.

I collect pictures of the "turbo" painstakingly, numbered to number plates. First was an impressive stack, but then I decided that I needed to somehow arrange and attach them to become an album for them cutting corners. So I scraped together a few hundred liners.

I still remember the smell of bubble gum "Turbo", which with nothing to confuse. Later deteriorated and gum pads become less desirable, although perhaps we just have grown up from childhood and we had other interests. But childhood memories embedded in the ear of chewing gum remained.



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