Musician predicted his death

Musician Mikey Welsh, former bassist of the American band Weezer, died yesterday in a hotel room in Chicago. The cause of death rocker, according to preliminary data, was an overdose of drugs. Other details are not known yet. It turned out that two weeks ago the guitarist predicted his death at Twitter.

"I dreamed that next weekend in Chicago, I would die of a heart attack, which happened in a dream. Today we need to make a will, "- wrote Welch on 26 September. A little later, the musician added: "The amendment - through the weekend»

Topic Mikey's death touched in his blog to Facebook. He talked about his art object (after leaving the band shirts became a painter): "It will cost $ 250, if I'm still alive. If at the time of purchase, I prematurely retire from life, the price will rise exponentially, "- he wrote.

This Sunday, Welch really went to Chicago. Today, he had to attend a concert band Weezer, but it did not work ... On the death of Mikey told his relatives and friends in the group. "We are shocked and deeply saddened by the news that our friend and colleague died. We love you, Mikey, "- written by members of Weezer at Twitter.

The musician joined a rock band in 1998, came to replace Matt Sharp. He participated in the recording of «The Green Album», the well-known hits such groups as «Island in the Sun» and «Hash Pipe».

In the same year, Welch went on a tour with the singer Julianna Hatfield. During the tour, he suffered a nervous breakdown, and he later tried to commit suicide. Guitarist even placed in a psychiatric clinic.

"Apparently, a life full of drugs, together with borderline personality disorder finally caught up with me in 30 years - the guitarist said in a interview given in 2007. - At the beginning of the three-month European tour with Weezer, I just started to fall apart ».

Field exit Welsh hospital with his wife and daughters moved to Vermont and began drawing. He worked on large-scale objects and abstractions. In July this year, he joined a group of colleagues in the Weezer concert in New York and played the guitar part in the composition «Undone».


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