A selection of blunders in movies and cartoons

It happens to revise the film and some moments
is divorced from the main plot.
For example, in the movie "Home Alone", because the boy Kevin
ordered a pizza by phone, although the plot,
phones in the house did not work.

Toy Story
Buzz Lightyear throughout the cartoon thought that he - not a toy.
Why is he froze every time there were a number of people?


Back to the Future
Why my mother did not recognize in his son Marty guy who tried
sleep many years ago?
How can we forget the person who completely turned your life?


Despite the fact that the paper in the film - one of the most valuable resources, the characters smoke cigarettes.
Pipe smoking would be much more economical.


Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
In the events of the film Indiana Jones - absolutely pointless character.
The Nazis would have gone without him in Nepal, would have killed Marion brought
amulet into the room with a map and would find the Ark.


Do not feed the gremlins after midnight? At every moment somewhere
night on the planet.


Karate Kid
The main rule of battles - do not hit in the face. But Daniel won the last fight,
giving the enemy a foot in the face.


Home Alone
Kevin could not go on the street riding a sled - he would have hit a wall.
And another thing: if the house were not working phones as low ordered a pizza?



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