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For large companies a million dollars - not such a big amount, but millions of which will be discussed, the common people were gathered and placed in the hands of dubious startups. In 2012, it became clear that kraudfandingovye platforms like Kickstarter are suitable not only as a platform for art projects created by single (like books or documentary film), but also to more complex things like software, web services, and what is most surprising - for personal electronics, the development of which usually requires a very significant costs and associated risks. In 2012 the most funded projects have become just gadgets. And no wonder - because the money they usually give in the hope of receiving the first copies of unique devices.

In 2013, these devices finally get to the first user, and the response of the public depends largely on the fate of Kickstarter as a forge of strange things, the development of which the corporation does not have the courage. If developers disappoint enthusiasts of enthusiastic buyers, the next wave of promising projects may not appear. But at least a few of the projects scored in 2012 over a million dollars, can not only be successful, but to make a small revolution in its field.

1. Pebble - 10 million. dollars

"Smart" hours working in tandem with the phone
The financing was completed in May 2012.
Status: in the first batch of production is about to start sending customers
Time of completion: January 2013
Why it's important: the successful implementation of the hours, the ability to show alerts that come to the phone until it was. The success of Pebble can return the watch status irreplaceable things.
Possible problems: Pebble connected to the phone over Bluetooth, and even creators of hours per week and promised battery life, charge the phone itself may be required more often than usual.

2. OUYA - 8, $ 6 million.

Game console on Android, which will cost $ 100
The financing was completed in August 2012.
Status: Accessories for game development has already sent, the development of a customized version of console are at the last stage
Estimated time of completion: spring 2013
Why it's important: to publish the game on the console, it requires a contract with the developer. Games for OUYA can release anyone. In addition, prefixes, all $ 100 standing still was not.
Possible problems: Compared to other gaming consoles characteristics OUYA weak, and in the majority of the game will be ported to phones and tablets to Android. Is it to arrange the players? Will they pay $ 100 for the chance to play in that, and so is available on phones?

3. FORM 1 - 2, 9 million. Dollars

Affordable home 3D-printer that prints with the highest precision
The financing was completed in October 2012.
Status: is the test samples is conducted preparation for production
Estimated time of completion: 2013
Why it's important: although the price of the printer and above what is asked for such devices (3300 versus $ 2,200 per MakerBot 2) photolithography gives much better quality than the extrusion. At home printing with such high precision is now impossible.
Possible problems: in addition to the printer need and the material of which are manufactured items. All the time ordered by mail can be extremely expensive.

4. Oculus Rift - 2, 4 million. Dollars

Points virtual reality games
The financing was completed in September 2012.
Status: There are prototypes, allows you to test the technology, we are preparing the first batch of the first 7,500 copies for game developers.
Estimated time of completion: March 2013
Why it's important: once pomayachila virtual reality already on the threshold, but has remained elusive. Twenty years no one has tried to make the new helmets, and that attempts to finally resumed. Technology in this time much has changed - this time suddenly turn?
Possible problems: Those who have already tried the Oculus, note that feeling - great, but after a few minutes, I want to take off the glasses, and a little rest. Resolution from the final product will be higher, but much whether it will extend the time that Oculus can be used without harm to health?

5. Elevation Dock - 1, 5 million. Dollars

Dock for iPhone
The financing completed in February 2012
Status: the first batch was delivered in November 2012, production continues
Why it's important: Dock for iPhone - it seems to be simple and do not deserve special attention to the gadget. But the creators of the Elevation Dock took the case with amazing meticulousness: set and retrieve the phone should be easy, stand to be severe, cases should not interfere. The result - more than 12 thousand people have been convinced by the arguments and are willing to part with at least $ 60, and then wait for the six months supply.
Problems: at about the same time started to supply Elevation Dock, released the iPhone 5 with the new connector. The result - all the new fans who received the docking of the first parties have ordered another one to go to the iPhone 5.

6. LIFX - 1, 3 million. Dollars

LED light bulbs, the color of which can be controlled
Financing completed November 14, 2012
Status: Negotiations with the manufacturer, there is a companion mobile application development
Estimated time of completion: end of March 2013
Why it's important: light bulbs, able to change color - it is a toy, not only entertaining, but also potentially useful. For example, they can be configured to change the intensity of light depending on the time of day, and the hue used to alert or, for example, to display any parameter (rate of stock to the weather forecast for the next day).
Possible problems: to mass-produce low-cost LED bulbs - thing in itself difficult. While that is the lot of industrial concerns, not enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, while in LIFX dig and negotiate with Chinese factories, Philips, easily implemented almost all the same and sell sets of lights changing color Hue in stores Apple Store.

7. SmartThings - 1, 2 million. Dollars

A set of sensors and an application for home automation
Financing completed September 22, 2012
Status: in January 2013 the first batch has been completed, and began mailing packages to customers
Estimated time of completion: January 2013
Why it's important: the creators SmartThings offer a choice of an extensive list of "smart" household gadgets: door locks, thermostats, temperature and humidity sensors, switches and dimmers, smoke detectors, carbon dioxide, humidity, flooding, pressure, vibration and others. This is interesting in itself, but in addition to other manufacturers offer developers to make their applications and devices and to extend the platform.
Possible problems: themselves SmartThings gadgets are good, but their purchase - this is only half the job. Then they need to install, configure and define rules.

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