Weekdays Soviet trade (6 photos)

Issuance of finished food packages in the order table Deli №1.

Photographers Riabinin B., D. Sholomovich.
February 1953.

It is noteworthy that food orders are always issued in neat paper bags,
to hide "dyuftsit" envious glances from other shoppers and passers-by on the street ...

Doctor A. Krivocheev and senior salesman gastronomy Ustinov examines
and the state of the counter before opening Deli №1.

Photographers Sholomovich D. and B. Riabinin.
February 1953.

Buyers in the sausage department Deli №3 after the abolition of cards.

Author E. Evzerihin.
December 16, 1947.

Department of Fruit Deli №2.

Photographers L. Porter, S. Transfiguration.
December 1956.

Buyers at the counter Bakeries in the October district of Moscow.

Author V. Grebnev.

Specialized sweet shop factory "Bolshevik" on Gorky Street.

Author N. Maksimov.
November 1954.


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