13 Department of the KGB. Maybe it's time to revive this service?

13 Department of the KGB. Direction - physical liquidation, after the war, the Nazis and their accomplices involved in the mass murder of Soviet citizens in the occupied territories.
Sorry, the list of the dead, in this post, is far from complete.
October 15, 1959 in Munich, in an operation carried out by the KGB, was killed the leader of the Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera. A resident of Munich Stefan Popel.
October 15, 1959 in Munich was taken to hospital with a man covered in blood person. Call a physician neighbors knew him as a victim of Stefan Popel. When medics arrived, Popiel was still alive. But save his doctors do not have time. Popel died on the way to the hospital, without regaining consciousness. Doctors could only ascertain the death and to establish the cause. Although delivered had a crack in the base of the skull, resulting in the fall, the immediate cause of death was heart failure.
When viewed on Popel found a holster with a gun, it was the occasion to call the police. Police officers arrived quickly established that the true name of the dead - Stepan Bandera, and he is the leader of Ukrainian nationalists. The body was examined repeatedly over carefully. One of the doctors noticed the smell of bitter almonds, which went from the face of the deceased.

Photos of the fascist scum in a wooden box.

For those who wept, another photo.
Stepan, still alive, in the center of the image.

Another, and the closest boyfriend Stepan.
Lev Rebet (alias Keel, born March 3, 1912 in the town of Stryi - killed October 12, 1957, Munich) - Ukrainian writer and lawyer, one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.
After the proclamation of Ukrainian State in Lviv June 30, 1941 was deputy head of the Ukrainian government led by Jaroslaw Stetsko, and after the last movement of the German authorities in Berlin - the acting head of the government.
After his arrest the fall of 1941 and up to October 1944 Prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp.
And then:
Since 1944, in Munich, representative of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council.
1945-1948 - Chief Justice of the OUN (b) abroad.
At 9.30 am, Lev left the tram near the place of work and began to climb the spiral staircase. Random counter, freshen the air in the stairwell of flavor, both innocent world of science, releasing a jet of gas directly into the face of a talented writer.

Roman Shukhevych I. (June 30 1907 - 5 March 1950), the head of the OUN (b), and commander in chief of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army from May 1943 until his death in 1950
In 1941-1942, he served in the armed units of the Third Reich: he was deputy commander of the special unit in the "Nachtigall" from November 1941 he was deputy commander of 201 Battalion of the security police in the rank corresponding to the rank of captain. In 1944-1950 - he headed the main team of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the underground OUN (b).
According to historians of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, responsible for the ethnic cleansing carried out by the OUN-UPA, lies on Roman Shukhevych and his close associates.
Security organs still managed to find a place where hiding Roma. March 3, 1950 has been arrested connected Gusiakov Darya (aka "Dark", "Nusya"). With the introduction of the agent of the MGB-chamber "Rose" managed to find out the exact address where the assistant was another Shukhevych. March 5, 1950 MGB officers headed by Paul Sudoplatov found that Shukhevych is in a room in the village cooperative shops Belogorscha near Lviv. Writes in his memoirs, Paul Sudoplatov (a wonderful person), General MGB "Drozdov demanded Shukhevych lay down their weapons - in this case it guaranteed life. The answer was automatic fire. Shukhevych, trying to break through the encirclement, dropped out of hiding two hand grenades. Gunfire, which resulted in the accident died.
This is a portrait of the murdered.



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