How do engraving at home

Instructions with pictures, how to make the engraving at home.

Sitting at the kitchen table, caught the view from the spoon I nefig
do a couple of years ago, did his son (names, engraved with Sasha).
But since that time has passed 2 years and had a daughter Katya, a nominal spoons
the child does not - (my daughter has a silver spoon and gold bracelets,
pendants, necklaces, earrings, coins), and a simple noun spoon the child does not!
And then I decided to correct the injustice!
Took all the necessary (when choosing nail polish necessarily
ask your wife what you can) - some can cost half
pieces and you will roll up hysteria and you popodete on a hike in Letual with the removal of the brain.
And so it is necessary to collect.
Cover lacquer spoon.

Making the inscription on the varnish with a toothpick or a broken match.

Pour into a metal container is not a couple of tablespoons of salt.

Fill in a non-metallic container water and stir salt.


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