As I washed down with a glass from bottle

Good day to all. The post is inspired by the theme of how can a glass bottle raspolovinit with the help of simple tools and knowledge of school physics course.

It began with the choice of packaging. What would the future could hold at least a glass half-liter containers must be more. The choice fell on a large bottle (18+) Hugaden beer. It seems to be 0, 75 l. He drank beer, cleaned bottom of the bottle on the label and started ...

Ho. The way to a burning rope, I nifiga not released. Alcohol not, was kerosene. Slightly bloated bathroom stink all, never cracked the bottle, but I got a wife pesdy for experiments and the smell of kerosene ...
I decided to add a bottle of damage in the form of cut around the perimeter. In the place of the cut. Doing it decided engraver.

Cutting otmёl immediately. He took drills with diamond coating. These are

Here they are bigger

In the absence of a microscope, the Chinese have used lenses and camera smartphone. There is an opportunity to do a photo wide (wider angle), fisheye (fisheye 180 degrees) and macro (Macro).

Here's a primary propyl turned on the bottle

Then I took another drill and cut deeper

The difference is not very noticeable, but it is

Next, I partly repeated the procedure with magic and fire. For the only difference being that instead of burning the thread I used a candle, warming the place where the bottles are already unnecessary stress that will lead to the desired result)

He propyl heated seats, rotating the bottle and put it under cold water. The temperature difference has done its job!

There was a pleasant and long-awaited hrus. I can only wrap the bottle with a cloth and turn. The upper part with a pleasant hrus * * Department

All are traditionally not as rosy as promised me online. Rough edges, however uneven. Mostly, it is the place of cutting

Partly to leshevoy mother walks away, toward adventure and sandpaper

Or so

Skol curve and requires napilinga. What can be done? Povazyukaem of emery ... First, Belgorod coarse 25-H
But there is a problem - sandpaper removes the glass, but still arranges mikroskoly on the edge of the glass. * Voice * Borat NOT VERY!

MDE ... Beru STAYER 180
Grit less. Glass does not prick, but also removes less.

In short, the observed vertical crack and realized that it is necessary to change something in this life ... At least, this "glass")) edges more grind and polish ... The bottle was without any frills, such as patterned reliefs on beer Weiss Tiger, eg. But, it can be engraved by the same engraver, which I plan to in the future ...

So far, for you I scribbled his first engraving. Pina, ladies and gentlemen. I still



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