Avtoreklama without cars (22 photos)

What could be simpler: reklamiruesh machine - Put it on a banner photo. But some advertisers are not accustomed to such simple solutions, and therefore to "avtoposterah" sometimes appear very very unusual things. We offer to evaluate some of these creative solutions.

Advertising trucks Volkswagen: for the transportation of milk, and not only.

Range Rover Sport - for those who can not tolerate long goodbyes.

But these "chips" are familiar, perhaps, every driver, who was trained in a driving school. On a test drive Mini offers to arrange them just so.

New Jeep freely accommodate up to 5 passengers. To bear starved.

And the owners of Ford, it turns out, both feet - right. How else to cope with the dual-clutch?

And the owners of Ford, it turns out, both feet - right. How else to cope with the dual-clutch?

Female body parts - a special theme. Women can not drive cars to sell - always please.

New Skoda - two twin-zone climate control. It is interesting to conduct a similar experiment.

Car DVR and a bicycle? Highscreen Black Box Outdoor is suitable not only for the interior of the car. Although a bike? Is there is anything other than a pretty rider?

As, however, and this poster universal registrar with Wi-Fi Highscreen Black Box Connect. What's been written about the online broadcast from the office? Does it matter when such eyes in front of you!

Why are there people! Few remain indifferent to our younger brothers. Or more, as in advertising the new fuel system BMW.

Or a new security system in cars Mitsubishi's knee protection. This is not the half shell.

Whether a person, or a camel. This is what happens when you do not care at all, and you are using non-genuine spare parts.

Of course, animals avtoreklame - good model for social slogans about the protection of nature most of these cars.

Social avtoreklama generally very diverse. People here, of course, in the foreground. Dead or alive.

The main thing - the visibility. For example, sit on the toilet and here is a present that will sit as the rest of life.

"You can drink and drive. Or drink and ... ┬╗Continue itself is called.

Another example of clarity. So the speed increases in the weight ring turns, and even in a bulldozer.

On the other hand, avtoreklama can be a real work of art. The base may be a well-known story with a historical photo.

And even the classic picture of Van Gogh. Why not?

And in general, this creative approach, in fact, is the real art. Try to come up with something like this yourself!


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