The most eccentric and unusual taboos government

The strangest government bans all over the world.

Greece: Video Games

In 2002, Greece had decided to prohibit absolutely all kinds of computer games
- From game consoles to online solitaire.
The decision was made when the government desperate to hold a clear line
between relatively harmless games against harmful slot machines.
However, soon after that a local court found the ban unconstitutional.
And although the law still seems to be there, it seems,
that the Greek government simply waved his hand at him.

China: Reincarnation

Without government permission every attempt reincarnation in China are considered illegal.
For most Chinese, the big problem is not the ban, but the Buddhist
Monks brings a lot of inconvenience.
Rather complicated procedure for obtaining a permit was introduced as "an important step towards,
to give legal status to reincarnation »,
but in fact - just an attempt to limit the influence of the Dalai Lama and the Buddhist Church in Tibet.
The current Dalai Lama 77 years, and he refuses to be reborn in Tibet, while he is under the control of China.
It is possible that in the future at the same time there will be two of the Dalai Lama - one will be selected
The Chinese government, in accordance with their laws, and the other - Buddhist monks.

China: Time Travel

We are talking about do not even own travels, and their reflections in any form.
In early 2011, the Office of Radio,
Film and Television of China announced that the film and television prohibited
Any time travel.
Prior to this topic travel into the past and the future was one of the most popular
Chinese television.
However, the government decided that such films "create harmful myth have disgusting,
ugly and absurd stories that promote feudalism, superstition, fatalism and reincarnation ».
It seems that the film "time loop" enjoyed great popularity among the Chinese.

Cuba: Mobile Phones

During the reign of Fidel Castro owners of mobile phones in Cuba
can be counted on the fingers.
And not because of the high cost of devices, and because of the ban - this allows you the luxury of only
representatives of the executive power,
related to foreign companies or party officials of the highest rank.
Fidel Castro called the ban on mobile
Phones "necessary sacrifice" in the "battle of ideas».
In 2008, came to power, Raul Castro, Fidel's brother.
One of his first steps was lifting the ban on mobile communications.


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