Monument raped women (6 photos)

In Poland, we decided to go into conflict with Russia, and a monument to a woman raped.

What does Russia? The fact that a rapist in this monument stands a Soviet soldier. "The artist-sculptor" has established the monument near the monument to Soviet tank "T-34».

As you know, serious scandal erupted with the connection of the Russian embassy. This sculpture was not authorized to set this weekend in Gdansk (Poland).

The author of the monument became Bohdan Szumczyk, 26-year-old student at the Academy of Arts. He explained:
 - My work also refers to the history and the Soviet Army as a tank T-34, next to which it is set. I decided that the sculpture will perfectly complement the tank. The idea of ​​sculpture sat a long time with me, but with vremenm realized.

It is clear that this sculpture drew attention to Russian Ambassador Alexander Alekseev, who wrote in a statement that he was deeply angered by sculpture artist. He felt that his sculpture the author wanted to offend Russian soldiers and outraged by the fact that Poland does not respect the soldiers of the Soviet Army, which liberated the country from Nazi occupation.

Photo artist:

Contemporary art takes various, often controversial action, often touching the sensitive and painful topic. Academy of Arts does not restrict the activities of their students, it can only bring them
attention to some issues. Installing this particular monument in a public place, Mr. Bohdan Szumczyk taken at your own risk, without the knowledge of the university. Because you need it, as the author, to ask about the meaning of his actions.
Statement by the Academy of Arts in Gdansk

Procurator Gdansk has already started proceedings impute the incident and author of the article of the criminal code by which he can sit for 2 years. In an article which he was charged it reads: "Whoever publicly propagates fascist or other totalitarian system of state system or incites hatred based on ethnic or religious grounds shall be subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment of up to two years.»

Despite the fact that savory sculpture stood for long: seeing her, the police have made the dismantling of the monument, photography and the fact of the installation did not go unnoticed.


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