The experiments, which could destroy the earth (5 photos)

Science page is not VebParke. Now I will tell you about how we all might have several times come real kabzdets.

Trinity Test

Trinity test was part of the US program "Manhattan Project" to develop nuclear weapons. This test was held on 16 July 1945, it was the world's first explosion of an atomic device.

The initial development of the new era weapons a little delayed because of fears of scientist Edward Teller, who took part in the project. He suggested that the detonation of a plutonium battery power can lead to the initiation of a self-sustaining chemical reactions involving nitrogen, which theoretically could lead to an uncontrolled inflammation of the Earth's atmosphere. However, further calculations showed that the possibility of such a scenario is very low, so the work continued. The resulting first nuclear test blast capacity is estimated at 21 kiloton of TNT.

The explosion of the device reminded the project manager Robert Oppenheimer line from the Hindu sacred manuscript: "Now I am like Death, the destroyer of worlds".

Kola ultradeep well

Kola ultradeep well located in the area of ​​the Arctic Circle in the most north-western part of Russia and is the deepest underground passage, dug deep in the Earth.

Soviet scientists have initiated drilling as early as 1970 and by 1989 reached the level of 12 262 meters.

They wanted to completely drill the earth's crust and reach the upper layer of the mantle, however, we had no idea that what it could face. However, fears about the formation of large-scale earthquakes, or the appearance of demons from Hell proved groundless.

And work on the project were suspended due to the fact that at the point of passage of the temperature reached 177 degrees Celsius, because of which the molten rock flowed back into the well, not allowing scientists to increase the depth of drilling.

Large Hadron Collider

When scientists September 10, 2008 officially announced the creation of the Large Hadron Collider project, some have come to believe that the device will lead to the destruction of the world.

The project is a particle accelerator for $ 6 billion was created to accelerate proton beams to 27-kilometer tunnel, followed by collusive loop that leads to the formation of microscopic black holes, which are believed to have appeared immediately after the Big Bang.

Some believed that formed as a result of the experiment black holes will grow uncontrollably until they engulf the Earth. However, scientists dismiss these rumors, as has been estimated that each black hole has a limit, after which it evaporates. This phenomenon is known as Hawking radiation.

"Starfish Prime"

The Earth's magnetosphere is an important protective layer, which contains charged particles that protect the earth's atmosphere from the harmful effects of the solar wind. And that is, if a large nuclear bomb explodes in the magnetosphere?

The United States and decided to find out in 1962. Well, among other things, the purpose of the experiment was to find a possible way to intercept Soviet missile and nuclear warheads still on the space orbit.

Therefore, the explosion was initiated by the thermonuclear warheads at an altitude of 400 kilometers above Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

Explosion capacity of 1, 4 megatons was visible from a distance of 1450 kilometers in Hawaii, where electromagnetic pulse damaged the line lighting and telephone.

Also on the lower Earth orbit formed an artificial radiation belt, which was held for five years, and injured more than a third of the time were in the satellites.

Project SETI

This project is the search of contacts with "extraterrestrial intelligence" ("Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence") includes a set of measures to detect and attempt to communicate with the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

More in 1896, Nikola Tesla suggested that the radio can be used to establish contact with the aliens. In 1899, as he thought, he even received signals from Mars. In 1924, the United States government declared "National Day of Radio" in the period from 21 to 23 August 1924, when scientists can scan the air in search of radio frequencies from the red planet.

Modern methods of research on the SETI program include the use of ground-based and orbiting telescopes, radio telescopes with large distributed data processing.

However, some cautious refer to such attempts of mankind to get close with the extraterrestrial civilization - because it can draw unnecessary attention to our planet. ...

So, cosmologist Stephen Hawking reminds us that human history knows cases and results when less developed technically civilization is faced with more advanced.


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