Unusual ideas for charging the phone

Low battery signal will always appear at the wrong time. The best minds of our time have long been concerned and come up with some amazing devices that replace the electrical outlet. Some of them are quite viable))

Want to talk, learn to twirl! More precisely, twirl - wheel of his great. Gadget Siva Cycle Atom - a miniature generator that stores energy while pedaling.

This model has a removable battery at 1300 mAh. It can take with you in a cafe or a couple and charge your smartphone while you drink coffee or listen to the teacher.

Of course, the café "energize" your phone and simply from the wall, but it provided that it is there. Many institutions take the example of the "McDonald's" and handing out free Wi-Fi, hidden sources of energy. So that visitors do not stay long. But in this case there is an idea.

There is a device that extracts energy from the cold or hot springs. In other words, beer or tea can give life smartphone for some time.

Summer vacation or a very important invention Solar Bikini - swimsuit with solar panels. Bought his girlfriend is - and you can sunbathe without thinking about the level of charge his mobile phone.

The idea of ​​"active" charging advance and students at Harvard University. They turn an ordinary soccer ball in a power generator.

The invention called SOCCKET (from Eng. Soccer - football and socket - outlet) with each stroke stores energy. The more you play, the more charge. Charge, by the way, not only smartphones, but any other electronic gadget.

For the lazy there is an easier option - smartphone with enhanced battery. Most "tenacious" today considered Highscreen Boost unit 2, it can operate without recharging for up to two weeks! This is an absolute world record, an application for recognition even sent to the Guinness Book of Records.

The secret Highscreen Boost 2 - two removable batteries - for 3000 and 6000 mAh (for comparison - in most smartphones batteries are installed on the 1 500- 3000 mAh, with an average load them enough for 1-3 days). The same principle is implemented in other models of the brand - Alpha R. This smartphone with Full HD display, battery kit for 2000 and 4000 mAh battery, which makes it possible not charge it for a week. Keeps the same number, and the first "survivor" in the smartphone market Highscreen Boost. This unit appeared in the spring of this year.

Another way to not very active - wear special clothing that accumulates during the day charge. For example, buy shorts The Power Shorts, they are made of ordinary denim. Here are just inside there insertion of a special material that can store energy from the movement, and then process it into electricity.

In one day, you can save energy, which is enough for about 4 hours of ordinary smartphone. Further work, if you use the no shorts, and a sleeping bag!

Had their say and Taiwanese designers - they have created a "smart" chair WindUp. In the back of the chair is built clockwork mechanism that converts the energy of motion into electricity.

How to wind, so many Hex.

All of these ideas are not any there concepts, but quite the real thing. So if you read this collection of your gadgets much exhausted - it's time to choose one of the following methods to recharge their electronic assistants!


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