Developed technology for instant charging of batteries

In September 2012, Tesla Motors introduced charging stations, Tesla Superchargers intended for charging the Model S and newer models of electric vehicles and allows to charge the battery halfway in 30 minutes. By may 2013, the company managed to reduce this time to 20 minutes. Now Strobel claims that this time can be greatly reduced. The first high-speed "fueling" the company intends to test in the near future in California.

In order to develop a method of charging for 5 minutes, it is necessary to conduct a range of activities. First, you will need to increase the capacity of the charging stations Tesla Motors. Now the most common high-speed standard charging is the Japanese CHAdeMO. The station has a capacity of 50-100 kW allows you to charge the battery of an electric vehicle to 80% in 15-30 minutes. In October 2012, was developed by another standard — the author was the organization of SAE International. It involves the use of power of 100 kW.

Power stations, Tesla Superchargers are 120 kW, and reducing charging time of batteries will be forced to further increase this capacity.

In addition, you will need to change the design of charges. So, for example, now convert AC to DC for battery charging is performed by the rectifiers arranged in a car. When fast charging, the rectifiers must be placed outside, at the station.

Express charging may lead to overheating of the battery, so you need to develop a system to monitoring temperature and voltage of the battery which can protect it from overheating due to the automatic adjustment of charge parameters.

Finally, high power charging stations will encourage the company to equip them with additional sources of energy — solar panels and wind generators.

The first such station which will allow you to charge the batteries of electric vehicles in 5 minutes — Tesla Motors plans to test soon in California. The exact dates are yet to be announced. published




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