For a healthy life: against whom are friends?

Adolescence is the period when man meets with the first cigarette, the first glass of alcohol, drug... Through this acquaintance it passes most, but not everyone in the future becomes a slave to the habit. Someone makes innate wisdom, someone – a vivid example of the tragic consequences for other people, some strict control on the part of relatives.

At the seminar devoted to questions of a healthy lifestyle, which was a 15-year-old College students, the sudden interest was uncomplicated, from the perspective of an adult comparison.

The situation first

You went camping, and took with him a flask of water. To quench your thirst and restore your strength, you can drink all the water at once, or drink it in big gulps several times, or to drink in small SIPS for a long time.

Now imagine that jar is your body, and the water – the life force of a certain resource.

Each smoked (actively or passively) a cigarette, each drunk a glass of alcohol your body uses to neutralize a certain amount of this life force. How long will it last?

Look at the faces of alcoholics – it says a clear answer to your question. Read medical statistics – the answer will come by itself. About drugs and will not speak – everything is solved quickly and equally sad.


Situation two

Well, and how to be with emotions, mood, when the soul asks? "No glass – no vocals!"

You have two hands. Some will donate: left or right? Both pity? So imagine that the right hand is your body, and the left is your soul.

Please, amuse the soul suffers the body; protect the body – longs, dries in gloom the soul. With whom and against whom will be friends: the journey of the soul against the body or with the body but against the soul?

Don't want to be friends or against the soul or against the body. But how to solve this dilemma? With the body everything is clear: it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle (good nutrition, physical activity, adequate sleep). And how to build a proper dialogue with his soul?

There is a science — psychosomatics. It examines the influence of emotional States on health.

In particular, the sudden anger damages the liver, excessive joy of the heart, grief and mental overstrain capture the heart, spleen, sadness lung, horror, kidneys, sudden fear "closes" the pancreas.

In the modern scientific and popular literature there are numerous recommendations on the problems of preservation of spiritual health. You decide who to choose advisers: common sense or glass.

Parents and caregivers of troubled Teens want to remind you that feelings and emotions are poorly amenable to volitional regulation. Not every child is logical. The behavior of most children is irrational. The feelings of a person in acute situations it is better not to estimate – otherwise it drags the misunderstanding and rejection.


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It is impossible to require the person to not worry about what he feels; we can only limit the form of manifestation of negative emotions. Therefore, from childhood and throughout adult life it is necessary to form skills of self-control over the expression of emotions. Modern cultured man together with the rules of sanitation should learn the rules of mental health.published


Author: Lyudmyla Andrievska


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