Death products (11 photos)

In this post I will tell you how to conventional products can be deadly to your health!


Who of us in childhood did not like to collect these fruits in cherry garden, not knowing about any mortal danger. Of course not quite deadly if you do not chew and then swallow cherry stones, saturated with hydrogen cyanide. Fortunately, the bones are so hard and long, and if you swallow one, it'll be safe and sound.

Wild almond

Recently, scientists have made the following discovery: people who snack almond nuts, eat less during the main meal. Wild almond also contains cyanide. However, we eat sweet, not wild almond, which tastes quite bitter. Fortunately grows almonds so far away from us, but if you do it will meet in the nature, just walk past.

Castor beans

Probably everyone remembers the castor oil - a nasty oily liquid, which smoothly acts as a laxative. So, this product is produced from castor beans, which are the source of raw ricin - a toxin protein of plant origin. It is enough to chew a fruit, and you're guaranteed to go to heaven.


Eating 1-2 seeds of the apple, you are unlikely to cause myself any harm, but if they get involved, it is possible to incur the trouble. The enzymes in our body is digested seeds contained in the compound cyanide. That is why it is so and there is no end of the old story of Johnny Appleseed, because Few children know that he died with a tree germinated in his insatiable stomach.


Until the 1800s, the Americans believed tomatoes poisonous vegetable. Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family; it belongs to the same and belladonna - one of the most poisonous plants. The leaves are also toxic substance soaked tomatoes - La Tomatina.


Elderberry is often added to wine and medicinal tea, because they grow everywhere. But in any case, do not try to eat the green parts of plants containing cyanogenic glycosides sambunigrin - saying unscientific language, a substance that causes respiratory arrest and death on the background of acute cardiac insufficiency.


Undercooked beans will add spice to your sauce by a poisonous toxin - fitogemagglyutina. When cooking these toxins are neutralized, but just in case, better to give preference to canned beans.

Lima beans

Firstly, it is unlikely you will want to try this rather unappetizing product. Second, if, instead of favorite potato chips, you are forced to eat raw beans, then mention about cyanide poisoning, which you provided after the use of this product.


I do not recommend eating green tubers, not only because they do not contribute to good appetite, but also because such a stuffed potatoes solanine, induce vomiting. And an inordinate fascination with such potatoes lead to a heart attack.


On the one hand rhubarb stalks add a little tartness of strawberry pies, on the other hand, these same stems long enough to cause vomiting and a burning sensation in the stomach because of the content of oxalic acid, a component of the bleach for laundry, which is not recommended to eat. Otherwise, it threatens you a shock or death.


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