Living in a floating home (35 photos)

Imagine that you were born and living all his life on the water, and your home (inherited from their parents), this is essentially a wooden raft with a tiny house on it. Add to the mattress, carelessly thrown on the floor (you yourself on this mattress conceived, so take care of property the family!), A dog, a cat, a chicken, a gas cylinder with a marching tiles cooking fish caught, a hole in the corner to spravleniya natural needs and ... in Overall all, this is your house! What do you think, like a prospect? In Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of people live that way, they swim in their houses, and in the winter, when the sea is stormy, they get off hundreds of each other and create a kind of "floating village". It is easier to survive. That's about one such village today and we'll talk

Basically, a lot of floating villages, dozens of them; somewhere in case of several rafts ropes connected to each other, but in other places floating houses hundreds. In summer, the village could disappear, because its inhabitants are spread out in all directions around the islands

But in winter, when the probability of storms and hurricanes, to be on the high seas like death. So they go to the coves and bays, closer to the mainland, where you can find salvation from any tricks severe and prone to hurricanes South China Sea

In the villages, spontaneously formed floating shops, where the boats to deliver food sushi essentials

Here is one of the floating shops. This boat sails itself, but with her aunt shouts "Potatoes, carrots, fresh bagels!┬╗

So live in wooden huts windswept

Each raft necessarily a dog that happily welcomes the hosts, but rather aggressively snapping at any stranger, which is too close passes by her "territory┬╗

Beauty, is not it?

Another floating shop

Do not come any stranger tear!

And here is the house of our boatman, first on the right, there we are prishvartuemsya -

Some villagers are richer than others, such as our captain has several mini-pools for fish farming. This allows you to not spend a lot of time fishing on the high seas (where winter is also dangerous to go out on a small boat) and to breed fish right there, near the threshold - 29,694,709

His dog. When we entered, she looked very suspicious and frowning, but then calmed down and went to rest on their military post, where he vigilantly watching the scene -

Inside the house is only one room here and sleep and children are raised and resting

They have two cats, one redhead, and the second is white with black spots (he was afraid and we ran away)

A small shelf with photo mother, who died a few years ago. I wonder what to put money ... I could not because of the language barrier, ask for what purpose it is done. Maybe for the spirit of my mother brought the family wealth? Or so they bring gifts to the gods so that they somehow attentively in the soul of the deceased? I do not know, may be a lot of options. Here is some mixture of Buddhism, paganism and communism, so

The kitchen is located in the attic, so to speak. Note that there is a gas cooker, there is a gas cylinder, there is a tank with drinking water, there are stored vegetables for cooking. Outside live chicken in a cage, so the meat is always the freshest

Tea set, red-haired waiter is going to pour a traditional Vietnamese tea

Toilet is located right in the bedroom, only separated by a curtain. The hole just splashing water of the South China Sea, personal wash, of course do not want to eat fish

You ask, where's the wife of our captain? The answer is, the spouse at work, women swim around the islands and collect mussels

Where are the children? Children, among other things, at the school. Every morning, a special boat collects children on floating villages and taking them to the nearest town on the mainland, where there is a school.

And this man, apparently in the process of moving from one village to another. Obviously not converged in opinion with local ZhEKom. Just kidding, just kidding

And that somewhere is carrying a raft

And there is a fantastic place, full of surrealism

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