17-year-old girl pulled out of the hole men and snowmobiles

The young 17-year-old girl from Nina, Marina Safarova, became the real hero of yesterday. The girl pulled out a sheet of ice hole fishing, snowmobile and brother. Before the advent of spring, young people decided last visit Sura Reservoir, near Penza, and then "tied" to the next year, as the ice is not as robust as a month ago.
Without going far guys left on the shore of the car, and themselves moved 40 meters from the edge and drilled wells. While brother fished, she drew sketches of the landscape, but after a couple of hours she was cold and went to bask in the car, and at the same time warm up the engine.
"Well, as I sat? Maybe fifteen minutes, no more. I look to my brother on the ice came snowmobile. He sat two men. At first, all was quiet, and then not distracted moment, I look again and they failed ».

Under the weight of ice motorcycles broke down and break drill holes in the ground after the punch. People began to sink, snowmobile hung on the edge of the ski ice, threatened the whole structure is about to break off completely, then people would have very little chance of escape.
Men clung to the last effort beyond the edge of the hole, but warm clothes instantly wet and literally dragged to the bottom. In this situation, Marina did not think about the possible danger and rushed to the rescue.
Grabbing his brother, the girl however, was unable to him no matter how much help, either, as the balance of power of our heroine and superior weight were too unequal. Flee for help? But in the county can not see a living soul, but on the horizon you can see the company such as fishermen. Go to the city for help?
So it will take time until people can just drown from hypothermia. Thinking so, Marina intuitively ran to the car. Open the trunk in search object could help in the situation, she drew attention to the bag with linen, which she took out of the wash.
 - The first thing that came to mind is to twist the rope from the bed-sheets, tie her to the car and try to pull them. - Remembers Marinochka
Pile of clothes had the almost 30 meters, it could be longer, but the girl tied inprovizirovanny rope with a double calculation.
 - I have never been so fast pigtails not spun - laughing Redemptrix - three minutes twisted thirty meters, a record.
The remaining distance to the people she ventured to drive on ice.
 - At the coast it is still very strong, I slipped on the ice and quietly went backwards. Opened the door just in case and went.
Cable from prostuney was so strong that eventually got out of the hole, not only people, but also a snowmobile. After completion of the rescue operation a man took off his clothes and climbed into the car.
 - I have the rights and no more, I passed, but only after a month I get when 18 turns. Yet was taking them home all worried, suddenly caught the traffic cops, and I have no rights, even though in theory they would have released me, or helped bring everyone home.
Adventure is over for all three participants swim safely. None of the men, even the common cold is not caught. But now the snowmobile needs serious repair, it's not for this invented to go under the ice-hole.

Source: www.temapenza.ru


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