From New York location. Part 3 (52 pics)

We continue to New York hodgepodge.
In this collection you will find an unusual football stadium bleachers, spectacular views of Manhattan, a photo of Chinatown and more.

The previous part.

Area people with AIDS.

The car is the MV-1 produced by the American company VPG. Created specifically for the transport of wheelchair users.

This machine is used in the taxi service for the elderly and people with physical disabilities «Access-A-Ride».

And how you decorate your car?

First funeral assistance.

House in Manhattan.

On the wall of a pub.

The sign on the bar in lower Manhattan. "Respect our neighbors. Please behave very quiet ».

Only the Chinese can do such wonderful signs.

Jesus loves you.

The crew on 5th Avenue.

Shop in Chinatown in Manhattan.

Chinese truck.

Pizza in one of the most popular pizzerias in New York. In the kitchen, here as elsewhere, the classic work Mexicans. Waiters Poles. As with all other legendary pizzerias city pizza is sold only as a whole, the menu except her nothing, drinks (Coca-Cola or beer) bring in bottles, and do not accept credit card payments. Pizza there, by the way, very, very badsome and inexpensive.

The car with the camera from filming a commercial for Lexus.

Police discharged fine for smoking and open containers of alcohol in Times Square. Guys at this time calmly drinking his beer and smoke. Uplocheno can already hurry.

Chairs in a clothing store. Something Fixed-wing.

Here I was on the right beysbolochka interested. And in general a set of clothes on display interesting.


Vodka shop in a completely unpretentious neighborhood. On the dusty window of a sign informing about the sale of champagne for $ 60 a bottle.

Pancake "Pushkin».

Pancakes, frankly, for an amateur.

Coloring book "Van Gogh Paintings»


He knew of the existence of these books with discs, but somehow never seen them live.

Magazinos produktos Mexicanos.

"Find a sedan." Well I can not pass up this kind are not photographed.

"Absolutely no parking, even on the Sabbath and holidays».

Under the Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn.

The door.

Chinese newspaper tells about the plans of North Korea.

Original mounting protection for the bumper.

Chrysler Building and the MetLife Building.

WTC Tower under construction.

Interesting the stadium made in the form of a lawn. It is also the roof of the building. The aim of the designers was to use 100% of the park for recreation.

Announcement of the new season watching Mad Men on Sunday evenings on the window of a bar in Brooklyn. Also invited to celebrate his birthday with friends. Birthdays drink by the bar.

Pictures. It seems to me that I had already seen them somewhere on the Internet.

Signboard hairdresser.

This, apparently, is the artist that paints a picture on the sidewalks by "nakapyvaniya" (I do not know how to correctly name).

Barber in Brooklyn.

Who can tell me about the subculture labels. What is it, and why? I see that it is a popular business and obviously prone to some laws and trends, but to find out the details of all hands do not reach.

At night on the Williamsburg Bridge.

Would you have bought: left or right? The price is the same.

The building of a jeep, it is the residence of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Samobeglaya Saw-wheel drive parketka.

Pub in Manhattan.

Sticker (again) on the drainpipe, as a method of promoting your blog. Well, a funny logo.

For many years on the street in brick potted trees grew.

One tub broke.

Police caught and fined Velokurjers for running a red light.

Slowly and reluctantly, but last spring began.



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