"Food dependency" people

The studies to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the Society for the Study of the behavior of the society, on all aspects of the use of food and drink, suggests that people can become addicted to a delicious meal, the same behavior we have seen in drug addicts and those suffering from alcoholism. Filling questionnaires originally developed by researchers at Yale University, a group of obese men and women were evaluated in accordance with the 7 symptoms recommending the American Psychiatric Association, was diagnosed with substance dependence, putting words related to food issues. Based on the answers to these questions, people were classified as dependent and not dependent, then the two groups were compared in three areas relevant to the usual disorder of addiction: clinical co-morbidities, psychological risk factors, and abnormal motivation, addictive substance. < br /> Although dependent between food and no difference is not dependent on their age and body weight, they showed an increased prevalence of "binge" disorder and depression, and symptoms including a lack of attention. They are also characterized by more impulsive personality traits, were more sensitive and responsive to the pleasurable properties of used products, and, most of all, self-uspokeniya at Priyma food. "These results strongly reinforced the view that food addiction can be identified as the condition with clinical symptoms that are similar to the usual disorder suffered by addicts," said Dr. Davis. "The results have also provided much needed information in the study of large amounts of fat and sugar in the body," added the doctor. "These results give valuable information about people with different subtypes of obesity, which can have different biological and psychological vulnerability to various risk factors. This kind of information will help us to develop personalized therapies for those who struggle with overeating and weight gain. "


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