Cosmonautics Day at the track

Approximately twenty years ago, on this very day, that is, on April 12, was driving a wagon with two truckers. It was early morning, about five hours. Former Long before driving the way to wake his partner and replaced, decided to stop for a smoke at bedtime. Choose a location - a small paved area near the highway, it is still on the tractor should let the tractor beside him something conjures. Stopped, so should smoke a cigarette. Here comes up to him this is the tractor. So and so, they say, hold on to the nearest dirt road turning on, then five kilometers. Not start Arba. "I - he says - he hooked." And the cable shows. "No questions. We're on the road. Should help each other ».
And is useful to wake his partner.
Woke up, replaced. Went to bed. Tossing lightly - do not forget to tell whether the partner? - And became already dozed off. How much time had passed, not exactly no one timed just suddenly wakes up his companion.
-Tut Such garbage - he says - tractor chasing us and something flashing emergency gang. I do clocked in full - not far behind. (Restriction of trucks on speed - 90 km / h. Plus, as we usual 20 km / h top unpunished)
From the first instant flew the entire dream. "So that's what I forgot to say, eshkin cat»
-So Much. Brakes, but very slowly.
Stopped. Out. They carried the ready to mount the tractor. Both raised their hands in a conciliatory. What can I say - God knows. Said that first came to mind.
-C Cosmonautics Day, dude. We did not mean to. I fell asleep so not warned. Sorry.
In the hands of a tractor driver fell.
-this Congratulations thank you. Already noted. Thank pants shift in the cab there.


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