Beluga whale alone imitated human speech

As you know, beluga whales emit sounds very high, but a resident of California oceanarium named Nok able to make sounds below its normal range of a few octaves and thereby mimic human speech.
According to the workers of the oceanarium, before they've noticed that the pool was a sound like a conversation between two people, but to find an animal that reproduces such sounds, they could not.

As noted by one of the employees of the aquarium, when he swam in the pool, I heard this sound and at first thought it was a colleague asked him to come up out of the pool, but, as it turned out, they were not employees of the institution, reports the BBC.

As a result, scientists have found the so-called "whale-talker", but at first they did not understand how he can play those sounds.

It is believed that due to the fact that the beluga whale lived a long time in the pool and heard human voices, he learned to imitate them, using their nasopharynx.

Note that earlier scholars have tried to teach whales imitate human speech, but this was the first case in history, when the whale did it of their own accord.


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