Usher - the largest domestic cat in the world

Usher - a rare breed of domestic cat, the growth of which reaches a height of meters, and weight - 15 pounds, was artificially bred British biotech company Lifestyle Pets. This is the largest breed of domestic cats.

These amazing creatures were born by crossing genes African serval, an Asian leopard cat and domestic Murka.

African serval:

Asian leopard cat:

Cat leopard got its name in honor of the breed Hebrew pagan goddess Asherah.

According to experts, these giants behave like ordinary domestic cats: love to sleep longer, play with the children. It is alleged that the ushers are quietly walks on a leash and eating in general the same food as our snow leopard. It is true in large numbers

However, if you fell in love with the breed, do not rush to reach for purses: These cats are positioned as an exclusive for the year is grown not more than a hundred individuals, each individual passes compulsory sterilization. The waiting list is on average 10 months.

Oh yeah, every kitten is from $ 22.000 (!)

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