What is happening in Ukraine today - clearly orchestrated scenario.

What is happening in Ukraine today - clearly orchestrated scenario. The conclusion suggests itself: Where we have already seen it ...
Yugoslavia. 90s ...
"Russian! I now appeal to all Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian citizens in the Balkans is also considered Russian. Look at us, and remember - you do the same when you are separated and give slack. West - Chain mad dog grabbed your throat.
Brethren, remember the fate of Yugoslavia! Do not let you do the same! "Slobodan Milosevic.

Eight years ago - 11 March 2006, in the "democratic prison" died Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. Its fate - an object lesson to all those who are willing to believe in the word of the West, who are willing to make concessions.
This event marked a complete victory over the once one of the most powerful countries in Europe. Yugoslavia - unite all the Balkan peoples, has the largest army in Europe, and now there is just a pitiful fragments. Milosevic became the first victim of the "orange" technologies, and analysis of the mechanism of "weaning power" has not lost relevance. Foresight Milosevic paid the highest price.
Unfortunately for Serbia, things are moving that way, as the late President: Serbian statehood body cut to pieces, taking Kosovo and Metohija, encouraging the withdrawal of Montenegro, preventing reunification with Serbia, the Bosnian Serbs.
Listen to the words of Milosevic:
"The events that unfolded around our elections are also part of an organized campaign of vilification of our state and nation, because our country and our people are a barrier to establishing absolute dominance of the West in the Balkan Peninsula.
Our society has long been a group that has the name of an opposition political party represents the interests of democratic orientation of governments, to exert pressure on Yugoslavia, and especially in Serbia. This grouping in this election was as democratic opposition in Serbia. The present owner of it - not their candidate for president of Serbia. Its long-term owner - chairman of the Democratic Party and collaborator of the military alliance which fought against our country. He could not even hide that their cooperation. However, the whole of our society is known for its appeal to NATO - bomb Serbia as many weeks as it takes until the resistance is not broken. So, the head of this organized group in this election is the representative of the army and government, who recently fought against Yugoslavia. "- Do not you think that this runs exactly the same scenario now in Ukraine?
"... They do not want peace and prosperity for the Balkans, they want it to be a zone of permanent conflicts and wars which would provide them an alibi constant presence. Puppet authorities, thus guarantees the abuse, provide a long-term war - anything, just not the world. And only our own people's power guarantees peace.
Next. All the countries which were in a position of limited sovereignty, with governments under the influence of foreign forces, with the rapid pace became beggars. To such an extent that excludes hope for a more righteous and humane social relations. Great Schism in the majority of the poor and the rich minority - this is a picture of Eastern Europe in recent years, and we all can see it. This fate is not spared to us. And we would be under the control and command of the owners of our country quickly have gained a huge amount of very poor whose prospect out of poverty would be a very, very distant and uncertain. A minority of the wealthy elite would consist of smugglers who have been allowed to be rich, provided that it is in any way loyal to the team that decides the fate of their country.
Public and state property would be quickly transformed into a private, but the owners of this property, given the experience of our neighbors, would become, as a rule, foreigners. A small exception is made to those who bought the property right by loyalty and compromise that would put them beyond the elementary notions of national and human dignity.
The most valuable national resources under these conditions will be foreign-owned, and those who had hitherto owned by them, in the new situation will be employees of foreign companies at home.
At the national humiliation, the dismemberment of the state and social collapse will be observed various forms of social pathology, of which the first will be a crime. And it is in any case not an assumption, but a living experience of those countries that have passed this way, and from which we are trying to avoid at all costs. Capital crime are not in the West, as it was before, and in Eastern Europe.
One of the main tasks of a puppet government - if any, will come to power - is the destruction of the national identity. State run outside, relatively quick to part with their history, with the past, with their traditions, their national symbols, with their customs, often with their own literary language. Invisible at first glance, but it is very effective and robust selection of national consciousness brought him to several national cuisine dishes, some songs, dances, but the names of national heroes assigned to food and cosmetics.
One of the obvious consequences of the seizure of the territory of a state by the superpowers in the XX century is the destruction of the national identity of the people living in this country. From the experience of these countries shows that the people are barely able to keep up with the speed at which it begins to use a foreign language as their own, to identify with other people's historical figures, forgetting their better understanding of the literature of the invaders than native literature, to admire someone else's story , while denouncing her, to be like strangers, but not for himself ... "
"I considered it my duty to warn of the consequences of activities that are funded and supported by the governments of NATO countries. Citizens may, but need not, believe me. I just wish that they were not too late assured of my warnings, that is, when it is difficult to correct the mistakes that citizens will make in their naivety, misleading or superficiality. But these errors will be difficult to correct, and some of them may never be able to fix "
"This is misleading - when people choose what they chose for someone else, - is the most dangerous delusion; and it is the main reason of my official appeal to the citizens of Yugoslavia "
What happened next? Milosevic is dead, Yugoslavia broke up into smaller pieces, the Serbs have lost their national identity.
Friends is a very important historical lesson for all Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians! Do not give in to provocations of the West remember what this means.
We give you the words of one Serb is very instructive, and at the same time filled with immense sorrow:
"Why do you need Europe, Russian? It's hard to find a more self-sufficient than you people. This Europe needs you, but you're not in it. You so much - as many as three of the country, and there is no unity! You have all of their own: a lot of land, energy, fuel, water, science, industry and culture. When we was Yugoslavia and we were united, we felt a great power that can move mountains. Now, because of our own stupidity, nationalism, unwilling to hear each other of Yugoslavia no longer exists and we - pimples on the political map of Europe, new markets for their expensive stuff and the American democracy ยป.
The scenario is repeated. I do not want to happen to us the same ...
But alas, the power is practically in the hands of the traitors of Ukraine. More step and we will be in the abyss of no return.

Source: slavyanskaya-kultura.ru


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