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Hawaii are nicknamed "Aloha State." The word "aloha" is elevated to the prapolineziyskomu "Alofa" and its values ​​include "love", "compassion" and "mercy". "Aloha" is used at the same time as the word for greeting and farewell.
The word "Hawaii" is derived from prapolineziyskogo "gavaiki" and means "place of the gods" or "homeland".
Hawaii - the only state, geographically located in North America, it is completely surrounded by water and has a direct line to their borders.
Hath Hawaiian origin, Barack Obama became the first president born outside the continental United States.
Because of the constant volcanic eruptions Hawaii is the only US state that is increasing land territory.
The official languages ​​in Hawaii are Hawaiian and English, but here also speak pidgin, Samoan and Tongan.

Hawaii - the only US state where coffee is grown, tropical rain forests grow and which consists entirely of islands.
In the 60s of the 20th century astronauts, who are ready to fly to the moon, trained in the fields of lava Mauna Loa, resembles the surface of the moon.
One of the first cases of AIDS reported in the United States occurred in Hawaii. In May 1978, at 50letney Asians was diagnosed the disease, and in August of the same year she died.
The only wild terrestrial snake, found in Hawaii, Hawaiian was blindworm. It is believed that it was introduced in 1929 with the soil for the plants in the Philippines, designed for landscaping the school grounds Kamekameha.
Hawaii became the first state, where abortion was legalized in 1970, three years before the hearing "Roe v Wade." (In Colorado, abortion was permitted in 1967, but only in cases of rape or incest or threat to the mother's life).
"Hawaii 5-0" was the longest before the police series "Law and Order." Although the characters of the series worked in the police department staff, in fact, Hawaii is not the police department or department vehicles statewide. They are controlled by the government of each state.
Hawaii - the only state where the revered monarch, King Kamekamahi celebrate the 11th of June since 1872. Kamekamaha known for having united the Hawaiian Islands in 1810.
Surfing or heenalu was invented thousands of years ago by Polynesians who first inhabited Hawaii. Their board weighed more than 150 pounds and reach a length of 20 feet.
Hawaii - the birthplace of the unique "Spider-smiley» (Theridion grallator), coloring his back surprisingly resembles a smiling face.
Hawaii is home to the only two species of mammals: white and gray bat and the monk seal.
If you are using the English alphabet for writing the words in Hawaiian, used just 12 letters and characters «'».
Biting day mosquitoes first came to Hawaii in 1872 as "stowaways" merchant ship, bringing with them new diseases, such as malaria and plague.
Hawaii - the youngest American States, he became a member of the state only 21 August 1959.
The eight horizontal stripes on the Hawaiian flag represent each of the major islands of the state. In the upper left corner of the flag is a smaller version of the British flag as a tribute to the British captain George Vancouver, who gave their first flag of Hawaii in 1794.
Earlier Hawaiian Lei gave local aliyah, or leaders, as a sign of respect. The leaders of the warring tribes, who wanted to reconcile, sit down together and taken for weaving lei.
Initially hula dance was a form of worship, executed by trained men. It was believed that their dance taught Hawaiian god of Luke.
Ancient Hawaiians believed that the more ponderous woman, especially if she is the leader, the more beautiful it is.
Molokai Island occupies a total of over 7,000 people, he is best known for its history: once there was a leper colony.
Hawaii - the most southern US state.
Maui Island was named after the demigod, who taught the Hawaiians to make fire, invented the spear and create a giant fishing hook jaw of his dead grandmother. According to legend, when he was fishing with the hook, he fished out from the sea of ​​the Hawaiian Islands.
The first European who died on the islands was William Uotman from the team Arsenal Captain James Cook. In January 1799 in Honaunau his paralysis.
When Captain Cook arrived in Hawaii in 1778, it was hailed as the god Lono, since he arrived during the holy festival. First Hawaiians thought that Cook's ships were floating islands.
Originally named the Hawaii Captain Cook "Sandwich Islands" in honor of the patron of the English Earl of Sandwich. In 1819, King Kamehameha renamed the island in the Hawaiian Kingdom.
Hawaiians consider sharks (mano) deity and treated her with great honor.
While most of the people playing the flute through the mouth, the ancient Hawaiians used to play the flute (Ohe hano ihn) nose. Probably, the preference given to the nose because of the belief in the Hawaiians what the nose more blameless or pure than his mouth, which could recite a lot of unpleasant things.
The first Christian missionaries arrived in Hawaii (about 1820), were shocked when they discovered that the Hawaiian mother practiced infanticide, if their children were severely ill or if the family was already too many children. They were also impressed by its exceptional expression of grief after the death of loved ones (such as knocking out their own teeth or tattooing on the tongue).


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