Who imagined twenty years ago

Who imagined twenty years ago that the portable player will not mean the tape device, and ten - on laser discs? Or VCRs with videocassettes will irrevocably obsolete? What CRT monitors are living their last years in the homes of consumers? In a short time a lot has changed, and it is interesting to try to imagine any of today's common technologies will go to retire in the next decade.

Keyboard and mouse

Both devices are not exactly recent debutants in the field of technology input. A variety of improvements, such as the wireless keyboard or touchscreen only retard the inevitable end. Candidates to replace - the mass.

Wired Internet

Only recently it approved standard 802.11n, but maybe it's not a sign of development of this area of ​​communication. WiMAX can eliminate the need for local hot spots. With the growth and development of megacities intelligent network will enable citizens to monitor in real time the status of your home from a distance and give the team home technology, electric vehicles will transmit information about the traffic on the roads, streaming video will replace the telephone network, so ubiquitous coverage Wi-Fi will become an integral part of the urban infrastructure.

Land phone lines

Pundits are predicting the death of terrestrial networks in individual countries for years, but a decade later, they are not going anywhere - over from wired devices will be mobile phones and smartphones. Many companies have switched to IP-telephony, and for analogue lines also paved the way to oblivion. However, the classic mobile phone can not find a place in the near future. According to certain analysts, they will be replaced by head-mounted device with a display for the eyes. Through such a device access will be available to cloud services and live video.

Optical drives

Although the presence of laptops and desktop optical drives are the norm, it was not always, and thus will not always be. Even the DVD capability both in terms of container carriers, and speed reading them sometimes become limiting factors. With the proliferation of high-speed fiber-optic and wireless networks, and Web services data storage media content and user data will be easier to pass through the virtual links.


Xbox 360 Controller will turn into something more radical - a combination of Nintendo Wiimote with accelerometers, video systems, determines the motion of the body (such as Project Natal from Microsoft), reading the emotions of the player (as plans Sony), a variety of tools such as simulators guitars and Nunchuk. Gameplay will change the interaction with a single controller with the virtual environment to the group games when the console will recognize the present and involve them in collective entertainment.


The reign of home computers with massive system blocks completed. It is not without exception, however: engineers, developers and designers will still need a resource-intensive applications and high-speed hardware, but the trend also touches. For the remaining categories of consumer PCs do not have a past attraction. According to analyst firm IDC, desktops sales falling, while netbooks and notebooks are growing. Niche and have a nettop. The reason - the processors and graphics solutions for laptops almost not inferior to desktop "brothers." In addition, mobility - not an empty word, and many like her advantage. Even laptops unreliable positions. Over time, they may be replaced by hybrids netbooks, smartphones and internet tablets.

Operating systems

Of course, the OS will not disappear, because the management itself "hardware" and software functions of the "layers" between him and the user is not carried out. But now occupying gigabytes of disk space frame applications displace light nonprofit software solutions. The computing environment becomes universal. According to analyst John Peddie (Jon Peddie), «operating system in its current form will disappear, and we get a solid browser that does everything you need. The system can recognize speech, mood, clothing and the environment and to provide relevant information ».


Blogging and micro-blogging are becoming extremely popular means of the communication functions and transfer the virtual environment of its individuality. After 10 years, the Internet will become much more interactive. As the global web - is a worldwide pilot site for new technologies, mankind is awaiting the most significant changes.


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