Invisible folder on the desktop

And you know what is on your computer, you can create an invisible folder, where you can put your files, and no one will ever guess that there is something there

Anyone who has secrets, and who do not want to create each time a hidden folder, I advise to look further.

Create on your desktop a new folder

Select the item "Rename» ---- & gt; clamping press «Alt» and holding it down,
Hit by one digit 2 5 5 (Be sure to press them on the numeric keypad, which is located on the right!)

Now the folder does not have a name, but it is still seen

We go to the "Properties" folder

The "Setup» ---- & gt; "Change Icon" and is a transparent icon, click "OK»

Hit "OK»

About a miracle! Folder disappeared!

Now you can fold in & quot; void & quot; anything and nobody will know


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