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Botaoshi (Botaoshi) is crazy for all standards of the European man team kind of sport, which is attended by only the cadets of the Military Academy of the Japanese Defense (Japan's Military Defense Academy), enjoy a true carnage around a wooden shesta.

A game in which two teams of 75 people each, passes around a wooden pole on the field with grass and is quieter and extremely entertaining. So even if you are not an avid sports lover, you will certainly become a loyal fan Botaoshi visiting at least one match this extraordinary Japanese razvlecheniya.

Many fans Botaoshi agree that as spectacular as this sport can be compared only with the Roman gladiatorial fights.

Teammates are built around a pole and try to protect it from attack the other team, the main objective of which knocked him to the ground by any means available to them. This means that players can: pushing, kicking, biting, beating with fists, holding the opponent to produce, and even, if necessary, to hit below poyasa.

Judge measures the angle of the wooden pole
Athletes from the defending team is surrounded by a wooden pole three-tiered building, such as the military: the first tier is composed of surrounded by six tight ring 70, the second tier of the guard 4 athlete standing on the shoulders of their comrades, whose main task is to violently thrash feet on the heads of opponents , which Botaoshi was referred to as enemies, and the third tier - at the top of the pole sits, as if in a crow's nest, normally open, is the last line of defense. Closing - is a kind of suicide bombers, which can save the whole team in the last seconds of the match, to bring down the full weight of his body on the ground pulling the pole protivnikov.

Sport Botaoshi story originates in 1954-1955.
According to the rules, to defeat the attacking team is not necessary to bring down the pole to the ground, and just tilt it up to 30% (until 1973 angle is 45%, but to improve the entertainment and the complexity of the match was reduced to 30%).
In attacking players have only two and a half minutes out to put the pole 'pinned', otherwise it defeats the defending komanda.

Botaoshi is incredibly exciting spectacle in which the athletes are not burdened protection, fighting tooth and nail for the possession of a wooden stick.
Unprepared viewer what is happening on the field may seem chaotic, involving escaped from the asylum patients covered by an obsession - in that that was pushed down wooden timber which a donkey perseverance keep them to gather mental diagnosis.

Players climb on each other's head, trampled fallen down, bite, scratch, in general, do everything to win pobedu.

"When I first visited the match Botaoshi, decided that witnessed the reconstruction of the ancient Japanese battles, but when he saw that many of the participants is the blood on the faces blurred bruises, and one of them, and all carried away from the field on a stretcher, then was shocked - says American student Kronghem David (David Kronghem), who became an unwitting witness one of the matches Botaoshi. - This is very brutal, but still a sport that makes empathy not only for the team but for individual players who receive the greatest number of blows to his head-suffering ".


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