Return books in nature

For the production of books annually destroyed thousands of trees. Moreover, these books are often not needed and year after year, accumulate in the personal libraries or bookstores in warehouses. These are the old, useless publications and decided to return back to the forest Canadian artist Rodney LaTurel (Rodney LaTourelle) and Thilo Folkerts (Thilo Folkerts)

It is a few centuries ago, each book was worth its weight in gold, even read hundreds if not thousands of people. Now released a huge amount of printed materials, which is read by one person or even deposited on the shelf until better times and never opened. Value for this to cut down the forest?

Over this question artists from Quebec Rodney LaTurel Thilo Folkerts and, deciding to return to the forest that he had selected. They took hundreds of old books and created with their help is very, very unusual art installation.


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