The US population continues to suffer from rising rates of obesity

The report suggests that 30 million Americans are obese for 18 years. It will cost the state an additional $ 549, 5 billion on medical expenses - according to a report in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. "If we could keep the rates of obesity, at least at the current level, the country would have saved $ 550 billion," says Eric Finkelstein, lead author of the medical report.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 35% of American adults are obese today.

Projections of growth model of obesity have been published in conference Weight of the Nation, which focuses on preventing this growing health problem. Also in the United States begins the screening of the documentary HBO, with four series with the same name.

Finkelstein and his colleagues estimate that 11% of the population are very obese by 2030. Most obesity is defined as an excess of body mass index of more than 40 kg, or at an excess weight about 100 pounds. In obese people the shorter life expectancy and large permanent medical costs, "it is assumed that future health care costs may continue to increase, even if the prevalence of obesity is stabilizing" the authors write.

"Obese people are much greater risk of early mortality, diabetes and heart disease," said Finkelstein. "Procedures for the treatment of these diseases are very expensive, and their value is constantly increasing, partly because, for example, 50 years ago, it was really difficult to weigh so much. But the modern heritage has led to an abundance of cheap and readily available calories ».

"We, of course, can be wrong in our forecast," he added. "All our projections - it is only assumption. But it is - our best guess. On the results of projections can affect global change, if, for example, will be issued a new drug or treatment technology, or if the government will make significant changes in health care and promotion. If we actually were wrong, and rates of obesity will be less, I'd be very pleased. "


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