Women are less likely to shoot himself in the head

Women suicide more often than men are concerned about how to avoid the obvious damage.
Valerie Callanan from the University of Akron and Mark Davis from Ohio State University (both - USA) found gender differences in the use of methods of suicide, which disfigure the face or head. Here you go: despite the fact that firearms are equally loved by ladies as a suicide, and men, the fair sex less often shoots himself in the head.

About how, depending on the floor changing the risk of suicide, says a lot. But his methods researchers have paid little attention.

Callanan and Davis analyzed the forensic reports on 621 cases of suicide in Summit County Ohio from 1997 to 2006 inclusive. It turned out that the man almost twice as likely to use the "ugly" ways.

The researchers also found that for every unit increase in blood alcohol almost 10% increased likelihood of using disfiguring methods. Gender, age, stressful life events and prior suicide attempts - all of this is also correlated with how a person commits suicide. For example, the more stress, the more "lethal" method elected.

The authors suggest the obvious: women are more concerned about their appearance and want to do everything nicely. Like, how good I was in life, and this must lie in a coffin.


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