Surabaya Zoo. Hell for animals

Surabaya Zoo biggest nightmare and part-largest zoo in Indonesia. In order to feed the animals must be $ 1 million a year, but no money.

Lack of proper veterinary care, appalling living conditions and the animals and visitors,
who throw garbage directly into the animals, so that they see these animals before they die ...

About 25 animals are dying every month from unnatural causes.
Recently died giraffe Klivon, after opening found in his stomach cellophane total mass of about 30 kilograms.

Many predators so exhausted that simply can not absorb food. Food is simply not absorbed by the body.
Those who are not euthanized dying of hunger. Those who die, according to rumors, becomes a source for skins and all that so prized on the black market. Also rumored to be so zoo earns up to $ 5 million per year.


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