Work at home is killing creativity?

Companies such as Google and Facebook marked a new era in the work. They organized the whole process to the last detail, calculating every detail engineering up to the length of the cafeteria. Employers are doing everything for creative cooperation, and, ultimately, innovation and ideas. This works?
Look at the figures, which are offered by John Sullivan, a management professor at San Francisco State University. Google is the third company in market capitalization. Yahoo is on the 238 site.

"At Apple, employees earn $ 2, 2 million a year," said Sullivan. "At Yahoo is $ 350,000. Evidence suggests that these innovations will increase innovation. This is not an opinion ».

So why can not you generate new ideas, sitting with a laptop in the kitchen as well as in the office? Firstly, it is important to recognize the difference between creativity and innovation.

"You can come up with a great idea, sitting on marijuana or walking along the beach at night," said Sullivan. This creativity. "When the work is used in the right way, it becomes an innovation," said Mike Fox, co-author of the book entitled "Study of the nature of creativity" and a lecturer at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State University.

"Innovation is the result of creative searches," said Fox. "But innovation in the market associated with money and investments».

Creative ideas are changing every day, because every day to create something new, depending on the specific needs of the person, said Fox.

"If a person is an introvert and believes that the more productive they can on their own, then it is better to sit at home," said Fox. "However, if we look at the results of many studies, they say that creative ideas and innovations are born with the collaboration of a small number of people».

Here, what about this says Sullivan "If I send a letter asking for help, or to specific issues related to a particular idea, how do I know who will read it? If I sent 50 e-mails per day, people may simply not understand me. But if I go down the hall and ask: "What should I do?" Many people, for sure, will want to help me. After talking a bit, you can find an interesting solution. »

At the headquarters of Google, according to experts, such conversations are more frequent, because the environment is extremely conducive for such dialogue. Take a table. The length of the line is counted and measured so that people would have had to wait a few minutes, during which time they will be able to communicate. Once you get your tray of food, you'll probably just run into someone, going to his place.

"This is a victory Google», said Sullivan. "This engineering calculations. They are all designed in such a way that people are close to each other, so that you could meet someone new. Thus, you will not sit with the engineers with whom you come, you will be able to sit and talk with those with whom faced ».

So there is communication, collaboration and cooperation, and therefore new solutions and mutual learning, Sullivan said.

Facebook paid its employees more than $ 7,000 to those living within one mile from the office (as long as the city is not oriented and has not raised the rent), Sullivan said.

"So, when you are 21, you arrive on a bicycle or a skateboard to work, to where there is free food. You come early, stay late, you come to work on weekends for no reason ... these people are geniuses, "says Sullivan. "It's the real statistics».

"Yahoo employees can feel that they are losing freedom, but in reality, we ensure their stability and security," said Sullivan. "Otherwise, in five years there will be no ... I bet it's a smart move in this case."


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