After the stress is better not to sleep

Deprivation of sleep later traumatic action can prevent or reduce the risk of the same posttravmy believe scientists from institutes of Ben-Gurion and Tel Aviv (both - Israel).
About 20% of survivors with serious traumatic action (car tragedy, work injury, a terrorist attack or the same war) can not then conduct a standard life. Such people cherish the memory of what happened in the long years, as have a moment leave thoughts about those events, they show extreme excitement and distress. Doctors refer such patients to the category of those who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, causing sizable difficulties in everyday life and in extreme situations capable of completely deprive a person capacity.

In a series of experiments with rats have demonstrated that sleep deprivation in 6:00 over immediately after the traumatic action significantly reduce the possibility of developing post-traumatic behavioral responses. Animals who are not allowed to sleep, after 6 hours is not mindful of stressful experiences. A control group of rodents that "sleepy" traumatic event, I remember very moved and displayed a post-traumatic stress behavior.

Now scientists want to conduct a pilot study in humans, which may indicate that useful after stress - prevent sleep, or at least not encourage him.


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